Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're my special, my only.

Woke up damn early in the morning, I went back to sleep again. And I thought, I must wake up for the big feast. HAHAHA, the big feast was the main reason why I wanna wake up for today's game's day finale siah. I've been waking up damn early for the past 5 days, and I seriously felt like dying. -,- One thing that kept me alive was...


He's so damn cute I feel like killing him! Yeah, he's the little cute boy in the photo. I had to grab him tightly for him to stay still for one photo siah. HAHAHA. Luckily Siewming reminded me if I wanna take photos with him, it's the last day in wdp alr. Not coming back until (?) next year. D: Sad, I miss wdp alr. I love SCs alot la, it's like all the fun people are inside.

There was one thing that I think it's still very funny until nao. HAHAHA.

Joshua: Ms Lim, what time must report tmr? 7am ah?

Ms Lim: NO LA, not so early. 7.15am.

LOLLLL, as if that made alot of difference! HAHAH, it's damn funny la! Got ready for the finales in the parade square. Damn hot weather la. I be scorer only, sit under the hot sun feel like dying alr. Keep moving the tables and chairs into the shade. HAHAHA. Joshua make a very good commentator man! Impressed la, but he use foul english la. Like, 'epic fail'. LOL.

Nothing much afterwards, everything ended really early. We had about the whole noon to play. LOL, hell yeah! Played volleyball as usual la. But I was damn hungryyyy. D: When's the big feast gonna come man, I've been waiting for it for soooo long. And there's training for us afterwards, so it'll be good if the food comes early, so we could have enough time to digest the food. Of course, got free food who dont want right? HEHE. But unfortunately, we have no idea why also, the delivery delayed for one hour -,- I feel like slapping that delivery man la. LOLOL, joke. I was so hungry I didnt wanna play volleyball with the rest alr. But we had fun playing monkey with the p3s. DERRICK! :D:D HAHAHA, he sho cute! Played basketball ABC with Wenxuan and Xuanhao. LOL, i quit halfway la. They say loser must run 5 rounds. Then I thought it'll be easy for me ma. But I was stuck at the same spot for like, i dont know, 10 turns?! YAAAAAAA, so i quit the game. HAHAHA. So i sat on the table with albert at the ISH. Played his itouch. Pfft, bored ttm. I felt like sleeping la! Damn tired, I nao very tired also -,-

I was playing halfway, wanxin came to disturb awhile. And siewming shouted to me that the food came! WOAHHH, i rushed all the way there man. But saw derrick on the way, hehe. He more important, so kajiao him abit then go back to my food. LOL, I know where he live leh! MAISIAOSIAO!

Finally man, the food! GAHHHH, there was like a whole role of pizzas of different flavours, chicken wings and wedges. We took one wedge each and ate at the same time at the count of three. As usual, the first count was always a false one -,- I wont get tricked the second time man! LOLOL. I ate 3 pizzas and one chicken wing. It was time for us to go alr also, chaoxin just nice call me. Btw, LOL @ WANXUAN. HAHAHA. Good luck with that girl. ^^

Rushed to training afterwards. Quite boring, but it was quite fun towards the end. Nighties night everyone! I'm dead beat -,-

Going to watch megamind with Qiuheng,Pantita and Xintien tomorrow. Following that, we'll be going to Albert's house for dinner. Aw :D And Kas will be following me and Xintien home. She'll overnight at our house. I can imagine all the fun man. LOL. Going to china (cca trip) from 18november, thurs, to 25november. Dont blame me for being MIA for a week! :D

I wanna go sc camp so damn much, but guess i'll have to wait for next year D:

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