Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exchange Programme

Me, Osa, Della, Elvi and Nia.

Aw, I miss them already D: The Indonesdian exchange students came over to our school on Monday. I was really really excited to how they look like. I expected them to be dark and tall. HAHA, little did I expect they look roughly the same like us actually. LOL. So they joined us for PE, basketball. It was still as boring. The girl who joined our group was Salin (?) HAHA. Recess as per normal, they didnt join us for recess as expected.

Anyway, got back some of my results. Yea, they're good, but I wasn't satisfied enough. HAHA, I know right, greedy me. :P Chatted with Pantita after school, slacked at civic centre, 6th floor. Saw many many INTERESTING stuffs. Cool, HAHA. Secret* shhhh.


Went to Acres with the Indon students. Missed lessons, hell yeah! HAHA. Was abit unhappy about some stuffs -,- I dont wish to tolerate any longer. Shared the same bus as the students. Was busy making the friendship bands all the way. LOL, Acres.. boring -,- We watched a few videos, I think they're boring. And the woman in front is practically talking to herself man. Our first activity was to make a feeding stuffs. LOL, was grouped up with the people in the photo. I was abit sad la, cos I was the only volleyballer in the group, but happy that the small girl - DELLA is with me. HAHA, I wanna know her, she freaking cute. But then OSA is OMGGGG, she super cute. HAHAHA, then we chat like normal. Exchanged facebook accounts and email. Kept teasing Osa about Kevin. HAAHA, she very cute la. Many people came over to our group as well to join in the funnn. LOL.

Our next activity, guess what. PLUCKING THE FREAKING WEEDS -,- And I thought we're suppose to help the animals. But we're like helping them do maintanence instead. WOW, cool. T.T We got ourselves dirty, saw worms saw frogs. Ew.

I feel like showering god damn much la. Took a few photos by the road, waiting for Pantita to upload. SHE DIDNT UPLOAD ALL! D: HAHAHA.

Way back to school, I slept all the way. Damn tired after all the hard work. Chatted with Hannah afterwards and I went around borrowing towel before Pan and I went to shower. But the auntie is cleaning the toilet, and Alison was waiting outside. The auntie finally took us to the Art Block's toilet. WOOOOOOWWWW! COOL LA! I've always wanted to check it out like hell! HAHAHAH, it didnt turn out to be as scary as expected la. LOL, quite clean also. I like ^^

Went up to the hall to discuss about the fundraising stuffs, performance and played volleyball awhile. I was really unhappy about some stuffs and decisions made. But nevermind. I brought up a few wonderful ideas for the fundraising! HAHA, quite happy with myself.

We went down afterwards as the BBQ is about to start. Eunice told me that Ms Lim wanted us to play with the Indon students. Chaoxin said they wanna sing to them. So I helped to gather, and then they suddenly don't wanna sing. And asked me what to do. T.T I'm just helping you to gather, and it suddenly feels like it's my fault for gathering them and not knowing what to do. Excuse me.. But I just swallowed it down.

BBQ started and we played BLOW WIND BLOW. Quite cold at first, but it got better afterwards. JIAO, NOBODY CARED ABOUT THE SEATING ARRANGEMENT -,- LOL. We played a round of the idk what game. Where we had to gather 3 specs, one watch and er one camera? Our group was the first one. HAHA. YAY. No prize T.T LOL. Then we played the APPLE GAME. Nadia told me and sheela to demo, when I dont even know how to play the game. HAHA, was quite shocked la! But luckily I was quite high then, if not Sheela sure kena reject one :P We had to finish the eating the apple without touching it. Damn, hard can? We lost the game, stupid. I almost lost my first kiss la. HAHA.

Then we started bbq, I think. LOL. They said can't eat first, who cares man. I just took the satay and started eating like nobody's business :X And last minute-ly, we're gonna perform -,- Out of nowhere, at first say wanna perform, then don't want, then want to perform again. To say it bluntly, our performance was a total failure. Sucks. I forgot everything, and nobody cares man.

Food was great, I think it's the first time I went to a BBQ with no people complaining about uncooked food and stuffs. We kept dancing in the middle, the LET'S DO IT PART. HAHAHA, aw sheela :D Played balloons and stuffs. Sang along to BEST IN ME ^^ Brings back wonderful memories.

Got our training schedule, 22 trainings in two months. God, kill me. HAHAHA. But it's okay with me la. I just want more time to play. Took group photo and was dismissed afterwards.

GOSHGOSH, I miss Della and Rindo and Osa and Nia and Elvi. AHHHHHH, got 4 gifts from them. I was so happy when Della gave me the surfboard keychain. I'm gonna keep it properly :D DELLA AMANDAAAA. She so cute. I was so sad when their bus left. Some of the councillors are visiting them during the OCIP trip. I'm gonna write a long note, print photos and pass it to one of them who're going to pass it to Della. HAHA, I know abit biased la. They all can share share. LOL.


Discussed with Ms Lim about fundraising today. YAY, now I got somemore stuffs to look forward to :D

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