Sunday, October 17, 2010

God's gift

Had training yesterday, was late. But yea, I got my reasons. Took the bus to school, Xiaojun boarded the same bus as me at cwp. She's going to her dance practice, she's a nice girl. So whatever happens, Xiaojun's got me ^^

Training was okay, Coach told me some things. I kinda agree with whatever she said that day. Actually I got things to tell her, but LOL, I forgot. HAHA. For people who are affected by what coach said during training, yes, you should be affected. But whatever she said are not meant to put you down or make you sad or make you break down and cry. Her words are supposed to push you. If her words made you sad, there's always another side to look at. Don't keep looking at the negative side, people. WAKE UPPPP! And now is certainly not the time for you to be stressed up about these kind of stuffs, go out and enjoy yourselves. Volleyball makes me happy, does volleyball makes you happy?

Anyway, rotted at home afterwards for the rest of the day. K la, not really. Went swimming with my younger sister. She suck, she saw her friend and totally pangseh-ed me. -,- Like, if you see your friend on the streets, you'll say hi, and then bye right. FOR HER? She chat like I'm totally invisible. K, good for her. Seriously. No wonder so many people hate her.

After swimming, bought fruitare icecream from seven eleven. My god, ever since Xiaojun treated me to that icecream, I fell in love with it. SO DAMN NICE LA. WALAU. I feel like eating it again T.T People, please go and try it. Strawberry flavourrrrrr.

Going to ahma's house later on -,- I dreaded it.

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