Friday, October 22, 2010

We can all be friends;

Have been really busy with the Fundraising thing, talked to Ms Lim about it on Wednesday. Luckily she felt the same way I do. I was suppose to announce about the Food Fair today, but it was cancelled last minute, or rather postponed to Monday. It's because some of the food cannot be sold due to hygiene purposes, and Yingjie already bought the materials. How now brown cow? Jelly, Cocktail, Sweets and Cornflakes cannot be sold. We'll only be selling icecream, portraits and carwashing. Gosh gosh, LOL. Mr Chong analysed the profit for me, so we might be selling icecream for two days instead of one.

Let's see, I was pretty worried about the car washing thing. Ms Lim didnt come yesterday, she said she'll edit my speech, return me my passport (my mother very worried, I dont know why also. LOL.) and fill me up with more details about the fundraising.

Not much lessons today, Mr Lim showed us the level ranking. OMG, I hope they go according to the L1R5. LOL, cos I'll be on the top10 list :D If it's according to percentage, I'll be top 11. Totally squeezed out of the list. Walau, that is so unfair. Last year I got top 4, and they only announce top 3. Now I wanna get in top 10, I'm top 11 instead. Dang. Anyway, did a emotional survey. HAHA, k la. I dont know what's that, anyhow bomb. But it's freaking tedious la! Boring. And I just realised, during mt lesson, that i slept so well the previous mt lesson, that Mr Fan called my name dont know how many time, I still never wake up. My god, and I've been trying to recall my dream. -,- But I will always wake up when the lesson ends, like my alarm clock like that. HAHA. Reminds me of Runfa last year, sleep until everybody leave classroom already still dont know. Tricked him twice somemore! AHHA, cute la. My god, I miss 2E4 D;

Watched After Shock during mt lesson, the movie quite nice leh. But I missed out some parts cos of the trip to ACRES. Then abit wasted la, dont really understand the story. Quite touching la. :X

Anyway, had carwash today after school. Went around looking for teachers to support us in the fundraising. NOT BAD AFTER ALL. But I was itching all over, I didnt care at first. Then they keep asking why my neck so red and stuffs. I was like, got so jialat ma? Then they nodded. Scared already la, went to the toilet to check. Got changed and realised I was scratching even harder at myself. My whole body is red! Like, got spots also. My god, I was so scared la. And worried. Showered, but wore back the same clothes. It didnt help. Ms Lim told me to take care of the things and money instead of washing the cars. I've got nothing else to do other than scratch and scratch myself. Until the spots grew on my face, and my face started to itch as well. And people walking past me started asking my what happened. That's when I thought, god, I'm gonna die. HAHA, ya lame la. But why me, why everybody dont have but I have D; People say cos it's something I ate, no it's not! I didnt eat anything special, then they say it's the haze. YES MUST BE. STUPID HAZE, but I still love the indon students ^^ LOL.

I decided to cab home afterwards, can't stand the itchiness already. The driver also said it's because of the haze. D: Reached home, showered, applied calamine lotion to my WHOLE body and went to sleep. Ah, sleeping prevents me from scratching. I should sleep more. I'm not sure if I will be going volleyball training tmr. But I think I can endure abit of the itchiness already, although it's really torturing! D:

Nothing much already, I'll sleep early ^^ Goodnights.

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