Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks for watching as I fall.

A conversation with Sheela started from this:

asking me what's the meaning of some weird looking chinese characters...
K random. Went over to Eunice's condo today, discussed about the Farewell Party. Okay, the idea was great so far. Just need a few more amendments and rehearsals to make it perfect. We're known for our great AGOGO performance, so we cant disappoint them! HAHA. I got back some of my papers, AH, damn physics. Eventho Mr Yap love me, yes i can feel his love (LOL), and he's quite cute and funny sometimes, I just cant bring myself to love physics. I'm so sorry Mr Yap that I disappointed you. ): LOL, and talking about Mr Yap brings my to Mrs Lim Yap, she's weird, definitely. She walks to the center of the classroom, talk talk talk, smile, then talk somemore and smile. Then she walk back to her lappy and everyone became laughing and immitating her. K we're bad kids, but seriously, she's weird. And her language, is abit hard to understand.
Btw, I've been really emo yesterday and today. Very unlikely, I know -,- But it's all over now. And so many people are sad. I feel like it's my turn to console them. Zheehee, Eugene, ahhh. Zheehee is so sad, break my heart siah. HAHAHA. Anyway he's so cute today. :D His shy shy face. HAAHAHAHA. K, shall stop teasing him. Cheer up Eugene, you tried to cheer me up yesterday. Now it's my turn, please cheer up! Smile more.
Training resumes tomorrow. Hey I was quite looking forward to it okay, but sadly, some of the juniors are not. It's really disappointing la, but nevermind. There's SL training on wednesday, I wonder how it's gonna be like. LOL, quite looking forward to it as well. BUT SIAN, tmr need to go school early. DAMN DISAPPOINTED LA, my precious sleep. AND my father really hates it when I have to go school early, as he would have to make two trips for my brother and sisters. And I really dont wanna take Chaoxin's car as I have to walk that dark long and spooky shelter, which I'm really scared of. PS, I usually run across there okay. That explains my panting and sweat when I reach Chaoxin's house.

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