Saturday, May 8, 2010

I remember how it tasted.

This week is mugging week. Teachers chiong-ed their syllabus at rocket speed. I dont know what the hell they're thinking, cos they're talking, and to me they seem mute. And we completed 2 Emaths Chapters in a week. Yay, is that great or what ? -,- I hope Mrs Lim Yap does a much more better job. No offence, seriously. And please, some of the people are so stuck up to teachers that they lie to them. Tsk tsk, untruthful people. Totally disgusted by them.

Anyway, EARTH IS DYING. Cos the chocolates bought from the Cocoa Tree melted damn fast. And weather has been super humid nowadays. I'm sweating in class, can you believe it? When our class had one extra fan. -,-

And oh ya, MR CHONG IS SO STINGY. I talked to him for half day and finally got something out of him, one chocolate that's has a size of a 50cent coin.

Me: Mr Chong, I did very well for my last Bio test, buy me chocolates.
Mr Chong: That's long long time ago, after exams I see your results then give you.
Me: Ya right, by then they not selling already.
Mr Chong: You mean the company's gonna close down? *-,-*

Aiya, at least better than nothing. HEHE. Had been making trips to Eunice's condo to do homework recently. Her study room is damn conducive for learning okay. One more thing is that, it had air con :D I really did my homeworks there, I swear. LOL.

Had fun chatting with Xiaojun, Rasyidah and Raziq today. Raziq really made us wanna go rolling on the floor laughing, SERIOUSLY.

(Raziq's mother in bad mood.)
Raziq's brother: tsk!
Raziq's mum: *Spank*
Raziq: tsk!
Raziq's mum: *Glare, ready to pounce*
Raziq: tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk *a rhythmn*

LOLOLOLOL, so damn funny la. And during mother tongue class, we keep bullying Mr Fan.

Yuping: Cher I want go toilet.
Mr Fan: No.
Yuping: Walau *whispers* I want slip out of class.
Mr Fan: Dont think I cannot hear ah. If you wanna slip out of class then dont come back. I know exactly what you'al are thinking and doing.
Kelly: HUH, CHER YOU KNOW I EATING AH *take one biscuit out and munch*


Kelly: *eating*
Mr Fan: *saw kelly eating*
Kelly: Cher you want?
Mr Fan: *take and eat*

HAHAHAHAHA. LOLOLOLOL. There's more, but I can't remember. Anyway, wont be blogging until exams are over. I'm so gonna enjoy myself after the exams. Holidays, one month--4 weeks, I dont think it's enough enjoyment for me. LOL, I got so much things that I wanna dooooo. ): But right now, it's all mugging. Bye!

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