Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your lipstick stains.

On Friday, I declared it was my not-so-good day. Heavens wasnt kind with me that day. My mood was totally dampened when I saw Mr Lim and Mr Siva, seriously no offence. Mr Siva totally made me hate Maths. During Mr Siva's lesson, I thought it was a complete waste of time. I mean, that day, he FINALLY collected homework. And that was the second piece of homework he collected this year. SECOND! Wow, incredible. And of course, many of us didnt do. I mean we were dumb previously to have spent so much effort doing the homework neatly and nicely, and in the end it's still in our file waiting to rot. And then now we thought we're smart to just ignore his bloody homeworks, and god knows when he's gonna collect them. He's cool man, DAMN COOL. -,-
And it was Physics lesson. I hate Physics. That's why I dont really expect myself to score for that subject. It's tedious. And wth, Mr Yap just wouldnt let me answer for those questions that i know, and he just picked me for the question i had no clue what he's talking about. And so I stood up, anyhow answer the question and landed everyone in an ear-aching session. Sorry guys. ):
Then there was Chemistry make-up lesson after school. Eunice and I were chatting until so shiok okay, then some bloody hell gay came and shout our name. GAY! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BITCHTARD. Things we did are secrets, dont tell you'al :D
Yesterday, I HATE YESTERDAY. I just know that I had fun with Xiaojun and co. Mr Wu is a nerd okay. LOL. His friends and the games he play. He scold vulgarities also! HAHAHA.

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