Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sec 2 Camp!

Cluster 4-NA Boys

Costa Rica: Irfan-long legs, Kah Hwee-Kokhong's 'brother'(!), Nizar-look so much like Naeem, Choon Siang, Justin-weird name (Preston Justin Low Shou En), Baowen, Marvin-GL! (Guai Lan), Rizal

Guatemala: Wei Jie, Desmond-the Vegetarian(!), Kelvin-Goddamn horny guy, Firdaus-another goddamn horny and funny guy, Razeef, Phil-FIELD(!), Wen Jun-Super quiet guy, Jun Hong-BIGHEAD, Rasydan

Cluster 3, Jamaica & Romania (Hanlin's group)

Okay, I can only remember a few.

JunCheng-JC, Zhee Hee-super cute guy la (Hanlin and I like his sian face!), Amirul-the guy witht he damn cute teeth (everytime I walk pass him, I ask him to say cheese, all his teeths show man.)

Sunday, Day 0

Gathered in school at 12.30pm. Okay, after looking at everyone else's bags, I realised I brought very little. LOL, anyway. Day 0 is nothing much, we just prepared the stuffs etc. In fact, I kinda forgot what happened. Just that we had two team bonding games.

One of which is 'Transfering the Chair', yea the title of the game speaks much. We had to transfer the chair while standing on it. We spent on so much time on that game. It's quite boring la. Afterwards, we went to the theatrette for discussion and briefing of the next day. Many last minute changes were made. The briefing was around 3 hours.

Had Dinner, then another team bonding game. We had to transfer everyone from one side of the 'electric fence' to the other side, without touching the fence. Of course we cant go below it. We had to go over it. And the height of the fence is around 1.5m i think. We had several methods at first, but then settled down at the last method. Sheela went over, she cried. I went over after I'm very sure what I'm supposed to do while observing the people in front. I went over quite fast, just like ... and I'm over. I dont wanna stay up there too long. LOL. Had supper afterwards and sleep time. We were not allowed to stay up and the next day was gonna be a long day.

Monday, Day 1

Woke up early in the morning to go to Sentosa to learn how to build sandcastles from Mr Siva. The journey there was so long okay. We all slept. When we finally reach there, we had to walk quite a distance. Reach the beach FINALLY. Settled down and Mr Siva taught us how to build sandcastles. And when I say sandcastles, it's really sandcastle. Not those that we build randomly with no proper tools at all. We had damn professional tools and shapers to build it. The ending result was totally stunning okay. Went back to school after awhile because we still had to bried the Sec twos who're coming to school to gather at 12.30pm! No time!

Prepared in 10mins and went down to the hall to attend the briefing. Sheela told me to change my socks as they were too low. Went to change and come back, my group is leaving already. I was not sure what to do. Luckily there's Farhan, he helped alot. Thanks black :D In the bus it's really quiet. K, I ate my lunch and I slept. I hit the window when the bus jerked. Damn, and Chester saw. LOL. The learning journey to Laborador Park was boringgggg. Except maybe the part where we had to go to the respective statues ourselves. I cheated, and failed BIGTIME. LOL. But anyway, that's the only part I'm not sleepy. Headed back for the rest of the stations and back to school for dinner. They were all so noisy that the dinner time were delayed for very long.

Then we had minigames. We got the highest tower at Bob The Builder! Yea, I keep harping that time is running, you guys need a strategy, you sure this will help? LOL, at least all these paid off man! We had Secret Recipe as well, I thought my group was doing well. But then they spilled the recipe and they cant get extra to continue, so basically, all the groups were disqualified. My group love handball! LOL, and Nizar is so cute! He tucked in his shirt, pulled his shorts damn high and even pulled the string out. After every point earned, he will scream and run around the court once. LOL. At the end of the game, we did an ace and headed to the next station, Safety Zone. They were quite cooperative, surprisingly. LOL, cos I told them it'll be fun if they cooperate. They played until so funny.

They had they're reflection afterwards, where bag check will be conducted. Those who brought any electronics or foods will be confiscated. but we will allow them to surrender first. because if they surrender, they will get back their stuffs at the end of the camp, but if they dont and they're caught, they will get it back only three months later, which is one term. So most of them surrendered, and since I'm a girl fascil taking a boy group, I cant check their bag, Farhan and David helped me. I went around collecting surrendered items. Sorry I went back late to do reflection, we had to rush alot. They had their supper afterwards and then showering time. And LIGHTS OUT. Yea, and we had our own SLs debrief then shower.

Tuesday, Day 2

A very very busy day. But we had bowling @ Yishun Safra. I went to take care of Hanlin's group as they're fascil is not with them. K I'm just so nice okay. I keep going there to check if they're doing fine etc, Sorry is I neglected my own group for awhile. The rest of the time, of course, I'm playing la. Bowling is fun okay. Two stupid things that Zhonghao did. We had to swing three times before throwing right, he swung and at the the third swing, the ball went backwards. LOLLLLLLL, the ball bounced so hard on the ground man. He caught it in mid air just in time. Luckily no one else saw, but it's damn hilarious. Then second time, his fingers got stuck in the hole. When he swing, the ball went up sooooo high, and hit the ground so hard when it fell, SO FUNNNNY! And he keep falling down, like a stupid elephant.

Went back afterwards to have lunch. Then preparation for Campfire night. Okay I lost my temper. Cos my group were just waiting for me to do everything. Hanlin helped me abit, with that GL Marvin. LOL. Everyone was so quiet then.

Me: Why are you all so quiet?

Somebody: We very tired.

Me: Tired? You dare to tell me you're tired, what time do you guys sleep?

Somebody: Around 11pm.

Me: And do you know what time we sleep? We can only shower after you all are asleep, after that we still had debriefing and we sleep only at 2am! You dare to tell me you're tired. You all tired right, fine. I give you guys a break until the next activity starts (33mins). I dont care already. You guys will do your campfire item yourself.

LOL, I was so pissed off man. But most of them were so guilty they came back 5 minutes later. Hanlin and I combined group discussion, we were both tired alr. So we decided not to continue on the discussion, I told them ghost stories. LOL, but there's a teacher looking, so i told them the doraemon one. Ooops, sorry la. HEHE. Following that was their Amazing Race. They didnt get to play Splash ): I was disappointed too. We played Basketball, YOG Word Hunt, J-Hole and F the Board. K, Hanlin's group is so nonsense. Their cheers are like the makan cheer, just that they edit on th spot. So lame. LOL. Then dinner time then Obstacle Course. They played Maze, Blindball and Creepy Crawlie only. They didnt play Squeeze and Leg Marathon. Boring. Hanlin and I were just slacking during their Creepy Crawlie and laughing at the people who did their backwords skipping in a funny way. ZheeHee is so cute. Then we scared people in the maze. We learnt from Shuiyuan, grab their legs and shake them. We even scream in their face! FUNFUNFUN! :D

I did patroling with Zhonghao. Mr Loy wouldn't let us leave at first, we both were scolding behind his back la. Then when he finally let us leave, I woke up, cos I was sleeping at first. And after we left, we jumped around and skip so happily. LOL. So funny, we both tried out the bowling styles. And while doing it we saw Max, we both got a shock and fell. HAHAHA. We caught a girl switching bunks, went down to tell the teachers and Sheela, but they said just leave her alone. As long as noone is missing can already. Aw boring, we wanted to wake everybody up and give them a hearty scolding one leh. LOL, I sound evil.

Wednesday, Day 3

Normal stuffs. They had their Learning Journey again, but this time it's to Marina Barrage. On the way there, I taught them cheers, but they were all tired. So they had to force themselves to listen to me. No choice, and Phil didnt want to cheer. So he said he'll do the Bimbo Cheer in front of everyone in the school field. PHIL IN THE FIELD! LOL. To say the truth, I think it's also boring. But maybe it's cos we were all closer already, we were playing all the way. I was with Firdaus. We all play like siao la. Finally we get to play the kite. I joined them afterwards, cos I thought it looked easy getting the kite to fly, and i was wandering why they just cant get the kite flying. So I tried, k fine, it's really hard to fly it. LOL, I was jumping and running around like mad woman, and stupid David took photo of it! I wonder if he posted it up on facebook. Then we went to explore the gallery. It's damn fun also. I was kinda hyper over there, cos there's aircon, like finally. I dont know how long I havent enjoyed air con already. We were exploring so happily then we lost the guide. LOL.

Went back to school for kabadi. Zhonghao taught us cheers. The Gako Geko Piong Cheer. I like that cheer, so fun. Then it's the Bimbo Cheer. We got Phil up there on the table to do the action. He didnt do it well, but at least he learnt his lesson. He was abit pissed off I think, but he's not as guailan as GL MARVIN! Kabadi was fun man! I think I sprained my ankle or something. It hurts when I wear my shoe, but it's not swollen. Okay sadly, my group is separated into two. So they were at directly opposite sides of the field. I thought going to either of them would be unfair, so I went to take care of Hanlin's group because he went with the express boys to learning journey. So nice of me or what. Actually I went to their group is cos SLs get to play also la, they got one group that has very little people, that's why. LOL. I didnt touch JC's butt okay! I touched the tag! HAHA. KABADI ROCKS, so funfunfunfunfun.

We got some time to play Kabadi, SL vs Campers. LOL, so fun. We just went forward together and roar, then they scared already. We played SL vs SL as well. And Chenlong pulled Chester pants! We saw everything! Had sometime for campfire planning again. Our team finalised our cheer with Purple Light. I love that cheer. Then the script for their performance and everything. Dinner afterwards, then washing up time. After that is campfireeee! I thought our group was damn high. But the emcees were not audible. The mike is not good. But Cluster 4 totally rock during the campfire okay! Firdaus and Justin did great okay!

Thursday, Day 4

Aw, it's the last day of the camp. I slept til damn late. I actually wanted to sleep longer, but then I was afraid that my and hanlin's cluster havent wake up or something yet. So I rushed myself, and went down to check. Luckily they went to shower and prepare already. Had breakfast and then are cleaning. We cleaned our own bunk level and the level toilet. Thanks to JC's enthusiasm, everyone else wanted to wash the toilet as well. In the end I had to stop people from going to the toilet instead. LOL. Nizar is good at cleaning okay, he cleaned the canteen sink the day before, and he cleaned the toilet bowl. LOL. JC like to wash the toilet leh, omg. He's crazy. HAHA, on our way to the hall, a teacher told us to pick up all the litters in one of the classroom. Did so, and ran to the hall before another teacher call us again. LOL. Then we had debriefing and reflections. Cluster 3 and 4 combined again as we did most of the activities tgt. They were so noisy man, but everything settled down at once when I asked, "Who have issues about the food? The sleeping time? The activites? The showering sessions?" LOL.

After the reflections, so many people gathered around me to ask for my signature, my number, my email. LOL. I didnt give them my number, only signature and email. LOL. I scared they disturb me. Then we had thanks giving after the certificate presentation. I shook hands with everyone of them! :D Talking about shaking hands, HANLIN WILL LOOK AWAY WHEN HE SHAKE HANDS, NO MATTER WHO THAT PERSON IS. Weird habit, I've been teasing him about that ever since. Then many people gave me thank you notes. They've been flooding me with it, esp firdaus. And surprisingly, even people from cluster 3 and 7 gave me thank you notes. God, i was so happy I nearly cried. It feels so damn good okay. I gave firdaus my number, LOL. Cos he's keep disturbing me. Irritating, so i just gave it to him. Hanlin is so jealous, I got more notes than him. Nanynanypoopoo!

Took one last group photo and went home. Aw, I miss them already. Went to Camp Challenge to join the our classmates for BBQ. Xiaojun and Yuping came to hug us. God, I miss them alot. Seeing them again is like seeing our family again, it's like home sweet home. LOL. Just got that sweet feeling. I didnt really eat much. But we all played with charcoal to put on people's faces! HAHA. Eunice and I cried as we hugged Sheela for her good job done during the camp. I dont know why, but I'm just crying and crying. I miss everybody so much. I was so happy to receive those thankyou notes. I regretted no hugging them before they leave, because i dont think I'll ever have a chance to do so again. AWWWWW. I miss everything in the Sec Two Camp.

Friday, Day 5

We SLs had to stay for one more night for the sandcastle building. We cant stay up at night, awww. We initially wanted to stay up at the quadrangle. And Sheela's got a really bad sore throat. Her voice is so irritating now. LOL. Bought the bus, slept again. I took class 1-8 Group 1. I only know two person in the group, Tianyang and Jiahao. I know Tianyang cos he was in Woodlands Primary and I played basketball with him before. I told him to come Woodlands Ring and he really did! OMG, but he dont seem to remember me. ): And I know Jiahao cos he's so damn GL. He was scolding me and bossing around the whole day, his group members all isolate from him la. Nothing else actually. Slept in the bus back to school. I think I slept uglily. LOL, I just feel la. And I'm so damn black now. Yes, black! Even more malayish ):

I miss Cluster 3 and 4 so much ): Aw.

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