Saturday, April 3, 2010

One more thing I look forward to tomorrow, you.

I spent my Good Friday holiday with my younger sister! Yeah I felt so guilty realising that I havent went out with her before. LOL, but today was funfunfun.
We went to cwp to take photos, cos it's unfair that I've taken with my elder sister before and not her. HAHA. Then we went to buy her phone memory card. Headed to Bugis, she's never been there before. She's like a turtle that FINALLY coming out of its shell. My mother restrict her alot. But can't blame my mum, cos my younger sister's studies is real bad.
Reached Bugis after a long time. She hate the crowd. Yes, that's why I rarely go bugis. And always when I'm there, I would go to the second floor. LOL, there's aircon over there ma. There's aircon at some parts of the first floor as well. My sister wanted to buy her school bag, and she set her budget at $30 hoping to get a school bag like mine. And FYI, my school bag is Adidas brand, costing myself $80 for this darling. Lol, she's so funny la. We went to the first shop, she told the shopkeeper what she wanted and I was like laughing at her. We went to a shop afterwards, that guy was damn funny. When my sister told her all her bag criterias, that guy said, "Got, I got one $20 plus dollar only." and he pointed at a flowery backpack. HAHA. My sister's face went from :D to -..-. HAHAHA. She didnt buy anything in the end.
I bought brastraps, a white weird shoe that looked like a slipper but it's not, and a tanktop. We got bored of shopping for awhile, so I decided to take her to Iluma. We had Icecream at Benten Cafe. YEAH, that's the restaurant I'm talking about ZENAAAA. You could have an enormous cup of icecream for 5-6 people that cost $35-$40. I forgot the exact amount, but it's somewhere there. It's not more than $40. My sister went to eat with her friends, and she said they could finish it, still left alot. Zena was thinking of bringing the Cliques to eat tgt. My treat, since I introduced it :D
My sister and I headed to Orchard after having our $2 mochi icecream, which she called shit. Cos it's so small and cost $2. LOL. Okay, guess why we went to Orchard. We went there just to eat their Soft Milk Icecream. LOL, it's really nice okay. But i think we ordered the wrong one, and my sister didnt like it. But ILUVIT :P HAHA, we ate icecreams three times today. We thought it's okay cos we had training the next day to burn those fats! HAHA. Headed home after having dinner at cwp.
Had training today. I love today's training. I love the drill today. Weird, I'm in a damn good mood this training. LOL. I had my amaths test before training. While I was doing it, I was wondering if my paper is different from the rest. Cos I didnt thought the paper was that difficult as some of them described. Kay I'm weird. Cos the first test they said it was damn easy and to me, it's damn challenging. I even got the lowest in class for that test. But hey, I'm confident this test will pull my grades up okayyyyy. After the test, Mr Lim talked to me for almost an hour. Oh god, so damn long right. But what he said made sense la. He talk for so long, of course some of them will wake me up :D Yea, some. LOL.
Btw, I talked to Coach today about the drill we did this training. I said I love the drill as it can train our speed and receiving the ball to the right position. Also, it trains us to move and turn, if some of you realise. I love the drill :D It's so fun and exciting, and meaningful and useful. HAHA, coach said she'll do more of the drill next time. YAY, I hope she mean it. We had set games after that, funfunfun :D
Camp is tomorrow! I just packed my bag. It's so big and bulky, I managed to stuff my shoebag inside. But I still have to hold my sleeping bag. I dont know what made my bag so big also. The things I put in is not alot. Anyway, tmr is gonna be fun okay! :D Excited.

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