Saturday, April 17, 2010

I wanna move on, just don't turn around.

Ah, my beloved campers <3

LOL, it's 3.20am in the morning. I'm in Eunice's room, Pantita and Xintien are asleep. I got up to use the toilet and looks like my space was eaten up by the both of them now. ): HAHA. Anyway, my post on the Sec 2 Camp was not complete. I've yet to tell you guys more about the funny details. The post is more about the itinery.

Actually, to tell you guys frankly, when the camp started, I was not at all excited. I was already counting down to the end of the camp when I first saw my campers. When the date came nearer, I felt more relieved. Like, yes! They're leaving tomorrow, stuffs like that. Afterwards, I totally hated myself for doing that. You guys have no idea how much I miss you all. -,- I cried during the BBQ @ Camp Challenge. Yea, this is how much I miss you all *stretches my arms to the maximum*

During the kite-flying @ Marina Barrage. I was the 'mad woman' in action who totally sucked at flying kite. LOL. Then afterwards during the gathering, Firdaus said something to me.

Firdaus: Eh Xinpei, I wanna fk with you later.
Me: HUH, wth?
Firdaus: Alamak, FK=Fly kite la.

HAHAHA, it did tricked alot of people okay. Nice one Firdaus :D

And during bowling, I'm sorry for neglecting my own group. ): My group was separated into two and I had a hard time running around, I even stopped my game with the SLs leh. And I'm being so damn kind again to help Hanlin with his group. I seriously have no idea where the bloody hell their fascil go. And btw, Zhonghao play bowling like shit, seriously. At first he got a strike, and we thought he's some kind of pro at bowling. Turns out he's exactly opposite okay! There one time when he swing, 1, 2, 3, and the ball went backwards. LOL, the ball even bounced once, and Zhonghao caught it just in time before the second bounce. HAHAHAHA. And the second time, he swing, 1, 2, 3, his fingers got stuck in the hole of the bowling ball and the ball went SUPERRR high, and came down with a loud thud. Omg.

And during Kabadi, I'm sorry for neglecting my group for Hanlin's group AGAIN. LOL, actually it's my decision. HAHA, my group was separated into two and stationed at extreme opposite ends. I thought that if I went with my group, I would have to run here and there like siao. So, I might as well be kind and help Hanlin's group, when I dont even need to run around and still seems like a helpful fascil to other people. HAHAHA. Also, Zhonghao, Zhengyu and I got to join many rounds of their Kabadi game. They had very little people. So fun. :D

During the third and following nights, Zhonghao and I did patrolling after the campers lights out. It's not surprising that we did alot of stupid stuffs. Those stupid stuffs made me love night patrol <3>
During patrolling, we went to check out the sleeping positions of the guys. Some guys sleep until so funny one la. There this bunk where it was quite noisy at first, then Zhonghao and I went to check it. We opened one window to check, then suddenly there's a movement right infront of us. Guess what? A guy was scratching his body. LOL. And then there's this guy, he sleep with his hands over his *toot*. And ZHEEHEE! He sleep with his legs up in a v-shape. LOL! It means he sleep and his bottom of the feet rest on the floor. I initially wanted to push it down, but Zhonghao stopped me. And there an indian guy, he sleep with both hands on his shoulder. CUTE LA. Omg. I kept laughing at him.
Also, there one time when I was peeping into the bunk through the opened window. And Zhonghao tickled me, I jumped and my head hit the window panel. The impact was quite loud. And me and him were like 'shit!'. LOL, and the next thing he did was to squat down. HAHAHA. Soon there came noises in the bunk. Like, 'somebody outside leh, somebody outsie leh.' In the end, to not scare them, we both stood up. LOL, it looks idiotic la. But, whatever. They're half awake anyway. There's still many funny things we did, but I kinda forgotten some already. Blame it on my poor memory.

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