Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You know you're never too far away.

K, I know it's really late to post about Water Festival only now because it was like two weeks ago. Anyway, Pantita invited some of us over to her place to play water. Runfa, Chaoyi, Eunice, Yuping, Jiajing and I went last last Sunday.
It was my first time celebrating it, and I was surprisingly quite fun. I never knew I could have so much fun with water. It started when we were looking for toy guns. We couldnt find any, and we went to borrow from the kids over at the void deck. And they all went like, ''No, SHOOT THEM!" LOL. Yea, and we all went to take water and shoot them back. But we only managed to attack after some time because we couldn't find any 'weapons'. HAHA. So all the while we were running around and avoiding being hit by the water. There's some super strong water guns.
Afterwards, Runfa, Pantita and I sneaked away to get some food. LOL, it was nice okay. Esp the dessert :D Then we got powder mixed with water and attacked! It made our eyes quite uncomfortable. Went to Pan's house afterwards cos we got bored of water. Got changed and went down again to play basketball.

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