Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You blew your last chance away.

Friday after school, went to Imigration Centre to get my passport and rushed over to Eunice's house to help her with the baking of her birthday cake. Yea, she baked the cake herself. And it tastes not that bad at all okay. LOL. Yuping was already there. We both wanted to play with the frosting and cream, basically all the decorations.
While waiting for the cake to be ready, we blew balloons in her room. The balloons were not used in the end. And she bought soooo many of them -,- Yea, I decorated the volleyball cake. LOL.
Afterwards a few of the guests have already arrived. Yuping and I bugged Eunice to let us cook the wedges. HAHA, it was so fun cooking it okay. Except Yuping and I ran away when the oil bursts out. HAHA, I was the great cook :D They said it was nice okayyyy! :P
Went down afterwards to get lighter for them to set up the pit, I thought there will be shelter, so I didnt bring an umbrella. YEA, IT WAS RAINING. How horrible can heaven be, raining on a birthday party. K it rhymes leh. LOL. So, stupid me, got caught in the rain, and I rannnnn all the way to the pit which was quite far away okay! I was drenched from head to toe by that time la.
So i thought, forget it. I'm already wet -,- So is Yingjie. Two wet chickens ): The buffet was ready, and Yingjie and I were like the ushers or something. We took the umbrellas and bring the guest to the shelter. LOL. Some of them already started eating, while eating, we told them many tricks. Which most of them found out in the end, dont know which big mouth people tell them. And now I'm SO not interested in the joke anymore -,-
Some of them wanted to swim. Actually I brought clothes that I wanna swim in, but then I got wet in the clothes I dont wanna swim in. So I decided not to swim, even after Pantita's continuous persuasion. :P LOL, I wanted to take photos instead. yea, with her camera. You guys may have seen a female PROFESSIONAL photographer around, that's me :D LOL. I went around just snap snap snap. and turned out, that all the photos I took were blur. K, I didnt know how to use her camera. Until she told me I had to hold a little longer. Afterwards it was okay already. I even went to compete with the stupid photographer, everytime steal my limelight -,- HAHA, PANTITA GO UPLOAD THOSE PHOTOS IN FB. I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY PROF WORK :D
HAHAHA. afterwards while I was laughing at Rasyidah taking photos of the people in the pool, the guys suddenly got out of the pool towards me. I was like, what. They asked if I had extra clothings, I was like "Of course have la, I not stupid okay." Then Zhengyu was like, "then let's go." I knew immediately that they wanted to throw me into the pool, I used Chaoyi's phone as an excuse to get away with it as I helped him to take care of his phone. Next thing I know, Chaoyi came towards and hug me, I was struggling like mad. And when he hug me, two person went to take the phone from my pocket -,- I was already screaming. Then people took away my specs and carried my legs. I screamed and screamed, damn you, nobody came to my rescue -,- I remembered pinching alot of people and even pulling down their pants. It didnt help ): I only know that I didnt manage to take a breathe when I was thrown into the pool, and i couldnt get up as well. I couldnt touch the sides. Eugene lifted me up. LOL, I didnt know it was him la, is he tell me one.
I thought the throwing down thing part was way scary. I got out of the pool immediately. They thought I was pissed. HAHA. I just pulled down everybody's pants. Took my slipper and hit everybody. Then went back to my food. K, I was thrown down THREE times. Three for goodness sake. They said I was an easy target. K, I'm dumb -,- The second time was stupid okay. I just sat on the kerb and they said, wanna get thrown down again ah. IT WAS ZHENGYU AGAIN WHO SUGGESTED THROWING ME DOWN! I was like, "KK, i jump down myself." But they said like that not fun -,- The third time I forgot how, but it was before Eunice got thrown down.
It was already very late then, I think my screamings resulted in many complaints from the residents. And SOMEONE stupidly told them we're from WRSS -,- K nevermind, he/she is forgiven. LOL. Cake time! People went crazy. I even fell down -,- Dont laugh!
Overnight @ Eunice's place. Only Pan, my little sis and I got to enjoy the aircon in her room :D WOOOHOOO!

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