Friday, April 23, 2010

Go easy on my conscience.

Oh yea, yesterday rained super heavily. I was quite glad actually, cos it means it wont rain on my speech day. Anyway, on my way home, there's this girl who offered to share umbrella with me. I was quite surprised la. She's a sec school student as well. Cos I mean, it's my first time being offered umbrella by a stranger. It's really nice of her la. But because I was only a few steps away from a shelter, I rejected her offer. She's really nice :D
And BTW, MRS REBEKAH LIM WATCH PLAYHOUSE DISNEY! YESSSSSS! I'm so excited because I was so restricted to the channels to watch at home, my brother la! And she talked about Special Agent OSO today, so cute. I still remember the 3 special steps song. LOL, k lame. But Mrs Lim is so funny! Today when Zena sang, she gave a face behind her and it looked damn retarded. K no offence, but it's damn funny. HAHAHA.
Oh ya, I had my speech today. It was damn scary. But I guess I managed to hide it well. I didnt know what to do beside Sheela when she was presenting her speech, I just swayed around and looked for familiar faces. I looked at my sisters. LOL, smiled at them somemore. Then it's my turn. I was freaking scared okay. I cant hear myself, talking into the mike is weird. I dont know how i sound like. But anyway, I'm just so glad it's over. HAHA.
OHOH, and I cut my hair, in case some of you thought it's magic that my hair became from long to short. HAHA. Nothing much, ciaoooo.

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