Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm a thousand miles away.

Went to the library today again Zhengyu, Wilson, Zhonghao, Jonathan, Chaoxin and Yingjie. Zheehee didnt join us, eventho he was also in the library ): I didnt see him, damn sad la. Anyway, met up at 2pm outside breadtalk. And zhengyu is late AS USUAL. Saw ALOT of people in the library. It's like today is a Library Day where everyone had to visit the library. LOL, just joking.

There were SO many people in the library, we could find a place to sit. We had no choice but to go to the third floor. Found a corner to sit, and got chased away by a librarian for blocking the way. Fine, moved to the forth storey and shared a space outside the parenting room with a few malay people. They look so irritated and kept staring. We're like, HAH, we got Jonathan, our laoda. LOL.

Yes, this time we really did homework. I finished my homework, even my summary okay. A few of them left afterwards, leaving only Zhengyu, Wilson and I. We left only when the library closed. So here am I now. Bored and tired.

OH YA GUYS, I'm so sorry for spamming posts. HAHAHA. Cos so many things happened these few days and I've got no time to post everyday. So I posted everything at one go. That's why you see so many new posts popping out in just one day. I'm really really sorry. BUT PLEASE DO READ THEM OKAY. Cos I spent precious time posting them :D

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