Friday, April 23, 2010

Your thoughts are gonna pick me up.

Went over to Rasyidah's house on Tuesday I think. The first time I saw her cat I was quite scared. But now, Puss and I are best friends! I made her go to sleep okay. I gave her my firsts. LOL, k sounds wrong. She's the first cat I touched. She's the first cat that licked me, bite me, slept on my lap (I wanted to say slept on me, but sounds wrong. LOL.), and my first cat friend. HAHAHA. She's bloody hell cute okay. And she's so tiny, she squeezed behind the tv, so funny. And Rasyidah had a hard time getting it out. HAHA.
Rasyidah said the cat missed us, K I THINK IT'S MISS ME ONLY LA. LOL. I miss puss too ):

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