Saturday, March 20, 2010

Had gym training in the morning with my muscle aches all over, my butt hurts like shit. Training after that, boring like hell -,- Ran home in the rain after that with Chaoxin. Quickly showered and change, met up with her again to catch a movie with Jonathan, Zhigang, Zhengyu and Aloysius. Guess what we watch, CONFUCIUS, and it's damn boring. I slept inside the cinema for at least half an hour, I swear. Then head to Eunice's condo to chat and play with Chaoxin's sister's bf's itouch. SCOOOP! I love that game, AND I TOPPED THEIR HIGHSCORE. Shiok like bloody hell. HAHA, now I play it in my father's iphone. It's damn fun :D
Had Sec 2 Camp Planning Presentation meeting in the morning, again. So how the hell the teachers expect me to finish my work? I totally gave up on amaths, tys&pathfinder. It's so irritating. I actually dont plan to finish my homework. Anyway back to the point, after all the commitee's presentation, we had so much time left that we went to youtube to watch scary videos. I let them watch the video that my sister showed me and made my hair stand super high. Then we all went crazy about ghost videos. We talked about so many ghost stories in the bus as well. Then we headed to cwp to have our lunch, and Heaven&Earth is giving out free coupons for us to redeem free drinks. There's new flavous I think, there the apple and the pom something. But we all took the same lemon tea flavour.
Had lunch at McDonald, and wth? There's an usher for us at Mac. Yea, seriously. There's this guy called 'Wei Lun' at the Mc Cafe who asked us how many seats we need and went in to help us get some seats. Cool or what. And Sheela called him the 'Mc Cafe guy'.
Mc Cafe Guy: How many seats do you need?
Alison: 10
Sheela: NO 12!
Mc Cafe Guy: Can you be nicer? You very fierce you know.
LOLLLLL, he talked to us like that because we were bugging him for balloons before at the Mc Cafe area. There's like alot of activities held there lo. Ate and went there to bug that guy again.
Mc Cafe Guy: What balloon shape do you want?
Sheela: I want a dog...
Mc Cafe Guy: Oh okay sure.
Sheela: with two head...and the tail must be exactly 10inch.
Mc Cafe Guy: What balloon shape do you want?
Alison: I want this balloon to become like that balloon. *points at the round normal balloon*
HAHAHA, this is damn funny.
Went home after that :D
I'm still left with alot of homework, but guess what. After designing the Sec 2 Camp Tshirt, which I have already sent to Ms Lim and Sheela, I thought I'll take a day break :D So I'll chiong my homeworks tmr, not gonna go to Grandparent's house no matter what.

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