Friday, March 26, 2010

{Stop staring @ my pinky, I know it's damn short. And how stupid was I to to think that everyone's pinky is abnormal except for mine when I was young. LOL.}
LOL, I know it's kinda late but I suddenly recalled a prank call Sheela got from Shuqri after our meeting last staurday. Sheela first received his sms and she asked 'who are you'. And Shuqri said 'someone you killed'. Afterwards Shuqri called her I think, his voice is so damn low and scary, eh but his voice is nice. LOL. Sheela totally freaked out then, she let me listen to his voice, I had a first thought that it's Shuqri cos I recognised his voice when he called and Farhan on his loudspeaker during Xiaojun's birthday bash. But then I was like, cannot be lah, he not so lame. BUT wth, it's really him. So he IS that lame. LOL.
ANYWAY, a great news greeted me early monday morning this week. I was having my mother-tongue lesson and Ms Lim Hui Qi called for me. I was abit puzzled la, then I thought, maybe it's about the Tshirt design or something. AND YAYYYYY, she said Mrs Kok had chosen my tshirt design. The whole thing was quite rush and Ms Lim wanted me to redraw my back design as the YOG values are in the wrong order. She said she wanted it by end of school, and she will send it for printing immediately. SUPER RUSH. Yea, some of my classmates might have seen me drawing those cartoon faces with the YOG values headband. That's the design for the Sec 2 Camp tshirt. I didnt expect it la, I was like, k Mrs Kok choose my logo and I can go crazy already. Cos it's gonna be worn by the whole Sec 2 cohort. I will be so proud to see them wearing my logo, but now even my ugly back design is chosen. It looks damn childish and so far, only Alison likes it. HAHA. Too bad la. But I love the logo, thanks to my friend who gave me ideas :D I helped him earn a starcard okay, and I dont even get one for designing everything. Wait, I never got one before. And people can get starcard by just admitting they should have one mark deducted from their test paper while doing their corrections. -,- LOL.
Oh btw, after Mr Chong wanted us to do a feedback form for Ms Lui. Ms Lui changed man, for the better of course. She never shout anymore, she gave us more time to copy our notes, and she do the 'Arrow Student' thing that made us all go so excited, and she says interesting stuffs. HAHA. And oh ya, there was meeting on Tuesday. Yay I'm a fascilator :D I'm really looking forward to the Sec 2 Camp, it's NEXT SUNDAY for goodness sake! So fast, and everything we planned on paper will be performed! LOL. Of course many things are not done yet. And plsplspls, I hope it doesnt rain on that day.
Recently all the announcements and stuffs are all about the Public Performance. Yea, like what Mr Chong say, it's our school's big day. I'm really looking forward to those solo performances and the teacher's singing. :D AND YESSSS, the thing I wanna tell my teammates during gym today was that:
Improper language like 'what the hell, shit, oh my god' are banned during training. If anyone is caught saying these words, she will be fined
20cent for shit &
30cent for wth and omg.
{LOL, cos shit is 'dabian' and is two words. And omg and wth is 3 words.}
I think I will be fined quite alot la, cos I everytime say 'what the hell'. That time in class, hengteng counted the number of times I said 'wth', and it's more than ten times la. Ah $3. LOL. AND, guess who is the first one to be caught? EDEN! HAHAHA. Cos I imitated her and Coach heard. Ooops. HEHE. Anyway, just be mindful la. Shit is our common word man. Eden's fine is still with me. I shall volunteer to keep the money. I think by the end of this term my whole piggybank will be filled with the fine money la.

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