Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Had Sec 2 camp planning meeting yesterday. It was boring, but I'm glad most of the important stuffs are settled. And damn Hengteng, he's a pervert.
Anyway, I've been eating alot of watermelons lately. My mum thought she can lose weight by eating them -,- LOL. Watermelons are nice, but I hate the seeds. Oh ya, this reminds me of something. When I was in primary school, there this comprehension about watermelons and the first question was:
Can watermelon seeds be eaten?
And the obvious answer is 'yes'. I just swallow them down, and then shit them out. BUTTTTTT, the stupid teacher said the answer is 'no' -,- WTH. And I was like, you dont dig all the seeds out right. There's probably about a hundred seeds in a watermelon, k maybe 50. But the teacher was damn stubborn and the whole class got it wrong.
Yes, we had training today. Gym training in the morning, I hate to say it but I can feel a distance between the sec twos and threes. We need time to bond, but we should spend too much. And yay coach praised me for a job well done in keeping close eye on the team. LOL, without chaoxin ma, of course I must be fiercer and firmer. Training today, nothing much, mostly on basics. K I got abit frustrated when I couldnt get my setting right. It's really frustrating okay, esp when I couldnt even get my setting right and coach wanted me to do backset. It's ridiculous, to me. (Cos I hate to say it's impossible HEHE)
I'm abit addicted to Disney Channel already. Maybe because I dont have a chance to switch the channels cos my brother will scream if I do that. Yes, I have to talk damn nicely and sweetly to him so that I can switch the channel. Mostly the shows watched are MICKEY MOUSE (I love the song. "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, IT'S THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE, COME INSIDE IT'S FUN INSIDE"~), WINNIE THE POOH (K i love the song too. "My friends, Tigger and Pooh, we're always there for each other."~), HANDY MANNY, POCOYO (damn cute show), LITTLE EINSTEINS, DIBO (k, it's the song again. "Didibo di dibodibodi"~)LOL. Still got alot, I forgot the name. HAHAHA. And my sister changed the language to chinese and the songs became damn funny. ESPECIALLY MIKEY MOUSE, the hotdog dance became the handsome dance. LOL, and the Handy Manny speak mix language, both English and Chinese.
AND AHHHH, I cant seem to get my hands working on my homework. I only finished 3 of them. And there's meeting tomorrow again!

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