Sunday, March 28, 2010

'We Are The World' Public Performance 2010

{Lol, I have no idea why the photo I took with Qianwen look so out of shape. It's like it's horizontally too thin.}
Yea, the public performance we had all been looking forward to was awesome. I love it when Sacha sing. :D Love the performance by the junior modern dancers cos I was laughing at the cute little boy. He lost his momentum or something. He's always late. Like there's one part where they all go in a straight line and jump together, he was the last to jump. It was so funny. Then there's performance by the guy, whose formerly from our school and is now an actor or something, he sing damn nice. I thought he was lip singing at first. Cos his voice was so similar to the actual song. Even Chaoxin said so.
The people around my area was super noisy. Esp when there's Runfa. Shuiyuan, Zhengyu and Jonathan even attempted to chase him out of the place. So funny. And Alphonsus brought binoculars. I dont think it's the first time he did this sort of things. But his binoculars are damn good, it's clear and it can see things from damn far away. From my $12 seat, using his binoculars can allow me to see at the people's face on stage! CLEARLY! And he said he only bought it for $2. I think he use it to spy his neighbours living in the next block la. I actually did that before. LOL. When I was damn young la.
We volleyballers met up at cwp at around 3.30pm. We were all excited to see who would wear what. Things got damn funny when we wanted to buy spotlights for ourselves. LOL, from the value dollar shop. We bought snacks and tidbits to munch while watching the performance. We went to Republic Poly quite early. There were only some teachers over there when we reach. I was on the phone, and Mr Faraz walked pass me.
Mr Faraz: *points at me* No handphone.
Me: Huh, wth?
Mr Faraz: HAHAHA.
LOL. That was funny. Luckily I'm not so stupid to actually hide my handphone, we're not in school anyway. HAHA. I didnt take many pictures because I was on the phone most of the time when the others were taking photos on the second floor. And Alison havent uploaded the photos on facebook yet. Some of the photos were damn nice I swear. I was looking for one that yingjie helped me and chaoxin take. The one with the background and everything, it looks nice. I forgot whose camera it's in. Oops. LOL.

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