Sunday, March 7, 2010

Had Napfa 2.4km run yesterday. It was tough, but it's all worth it! :D I got first for my run, it's quite unbelievable. 3-3 was the last class to arrive, so obviously we started at the back. I just bent down to tie my shoelace and realised all of them were infront of me, behind me? Nobody -,- WTH, haha. I was like, forget it, 'watch out the people in front!' I was the fifth at first, and everything was smooth. All I wanted to get was top 5, my aim is that only I can overtake people, I wont let them overtake me. And I looked at the wrong distance marking, I thought there's only left with 200m and I sprinted. Turned out? There's left with 600m. LOL, by then I was already the first. I dare not look back, I only remember phlegm in my throat, and when I was about to swallow it, I choked. I almost vomitted. Luckily noone saw that. HAHA. I sprinted when I saw the cones, and when I reached the cones I walked. WTH, but actually still got about 100m to finish. The people were like, 'Jiayou c'mon c'mon' HAHA, and I sprinted again to take the number placing. It felt damn good to see just one stroke on the number card. I immediately sat down on the chair, they gave me water and told me to get up to register. I shouted, 'NO LET ME SIT DOWN.' HAHAHA. Mrs Chua and Ms Toh had to carry me to register my name, one on my left and the other on my right. LOL, my legs went jelly. K I shall stop before you think I'm boasting or anything. Cos who knows, next year might be someone else already okay.
Anyway, today was a damn busy day. I had meeting from 8am-12pm. Training from 12.30 to 4.30pm. And English Presentation Discussion after training til 10pm after training at Shicheng's house which is all the way in AMK. Meeting went quite smoothly, we managed to do the things we wanted to do by today. Overview of the camp, activities, sports and stuffs. I'm very looking forward to it. Sec twos are damn lucky. Before training starts, Kelly Eunice and I sat down in the quadrangle under the shade to rest. We lay down to rest, Kelly and I were admiring the cute fluffy clouds in the big blue amazing sky. The clouds are so cute la, keep changing shapes. All I see in the sky are animals, with wings somemore. HAHA, k i'm weird. Then Coach and some of the sec twos joined us, we decided to talk about how today is the last training with the sec fours and how we're gonna make them remember today. Yea, evil plan plotted :D
When training starts, we of course got into positions and stuffs. Coach planned to scold all of us, but punish only the sec fours. She caught our attire, our socks, our hair, our fingernails, and made the sec fours do pushups. They were forced to agree that the punishment is fair, eventho (obviously) it's not. I can see they're on the verge of tears already. They wanted to talkback, but they know far too well that it will only result is more punishment. And that's when coach announced that it's all a joke by us, the sec threes, to show how much we love them. And ALL OF US, cried again. It was so touching, I cant imagine training without them. Can you imagine, the next training, everything will be different already? Different teammates altogether. During throw ball drill, I cant help it la seriously. Esp when I keep hearing Cassandra sniffing and holding back her tears, I just burst out crying while shouting.
We love you guys, <3
Went to Shicheng's house to do project (showered downstairs), I totally went crazy at his house. I was so hungry I went to his kitchen to look for foody. HAHA. K I just did the patterns of the slides and went to Shicheng's room to sleep. Before I sleep, I told them I'll throw tantrums when if they wake me up. And they left me alone in the room. LOL. So funny.

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