Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seoul Garden with teammates! (L)

Okay I only took three photos using my phone, but check out the facebook for more okay. We took ALOT of photos, I swear. We won the match against Bukit Panjang yesterday, 3-1 and Coach is damn nice to give us one day to rest. And our team decided to go eat @ SEOUL GARDEN! Waited for the rest of the team, and we set off to eattttt. LOL, we didnt eat anything for recess and lunch break just to wait for this meal la. And everyone went, except Trudie. Aw, she missed out ALOT of fun man.
Kelly, Yuping, Eunice and I sat together. Kelly is so weird, she started off with desserts first. K but anyway, we ate for sometime and were already quite full. So we went round to take lots of photos and do many crazy stuffs with Jessica and Meiting. Jessica is crazy, SERIOUSLY. AND MEITING, LOL, they're a great combination. HAHA. Jessica and I made alot of funny faces and people took photos of it, I'm not sure if it'll be up on the facebook, but it's really ugly. LOL.
Went out of seoul garden to stroll around, hoping to get hungry so that we could go back and eat somemore. LOL. We smell like seoul garden, and it's disgusting! BTW, sitting beside our table was a couple and they keep kissing. WTH, damn erxin la. Somemore got the kissing sound, eeeee. And Alison and I were planning to pour raisins into their soup when they went to pick their food to cook. LOL. So funny, but before we even had the chance, they left. And we all were throwing raisins and trying to catch it with our mouth. YAY, i'm good at it! LOL. But the rest of the raisins were all over the area and it even dropped into Kelly's glass of water. HAHA.
I took Jess's phone as she just place it anywhere she go, and I hid it. And she knew I hid it, so she asked in a damn sarcastic manner.
Jess: Xinpei, my phone's wallpaper nice or not?
Me: Huh? *act blur*
Jess: Aiya, my boyf gonna message me already. *search for phone* EHHHHH?
Jess: EHHHHHH? My phone leh?
LOL. And she laid on top of me to get her phone and she was touching me all over. WTH, the scene looks horrible. After awhile, some of them went to buy Xinlerk's birthday present as a last-minute surprise. My sister love the present alot. Head home after that still smelling like Seoul Garden.
*Right now I'm eating ABC Coconut Jelly like siao*

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