Thursday, March 4, 2010

Had first nationals match against Dunman Sec on Tuesday, lost. But it's okay.
Had second nationals match against Cedar Girls' today, lost again.
We're out of nationals.
I dont know whether to be happy or sad la, but we've made it this far, it's an achievement :D We had to return our medals back to the school and take back the medals again next friday in front of the whole school. YEAAAA, not the Robotics anymore. HAHAHA.
No training today, stayed behind for Bio Test Corrections. I wasnt quite happy with my marks eventhough I didnt do that badly, I expected more from myself ): Went to cwp with Rasyidah, Dillon, Joel and Max. Rasyidah treat dinner! LOLOLOL. See the food ^, I love fishballs :D
We chatted for sooo long. Went home only at around 7pm to 8pm. It's fun fun fun. And Cliques got problem! Alot of disputes among us recently. ):

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