Friday, February 19, 2010

Ooops, I got no other photos to post.
Anyway today is a damn good day. Many activities today, and as for me, it's ALOT more activities.
Firstly, we had assembly at the quadrangle. And Mrs Kok told us the story about Hanlin and how Mr Eric Chia helped him. I was very very touched. SERIOUSLY, cos of some reasons la. Mr Eric Chia helped me before also! He's damn good, even my father says so. :D Okay, I still have to say the assembly was a damn interesting one.
Had PE afterwards, ran one round around Woodlands Ring Road. SIANNNNN, I was the third girl. Jiajing is damn competitive, I swear. And Maria practically chiong-ed all the way, I wouldnt do that. Cos at the end when you're tired, it's where the finishing end is nearing and people overtakes you because they know you're tired. Okay, it's how I think la. Shit, cant believe you guys know my strategy now. But guess it wont hurt to share la.
Headed for recess, and I knocked into Zhenling. Sorry, but her noodles is freaking hot. It touched my whole left hand. All thanks to runfa, he was making fun of me that's why I never see where I was going. But luckily she's damn nice, never blame me or anything. :D
Went for Bio and Maths lessons afterwards. I'm starting to love amaths and hate maths. LOL right. Emaths is freaking boring, I can sleep and Mr Siva wont even do anything. K, maybe he never notice me. I always felt like sleeping during Physics, but I never dare to. I scared my eardrums burst. LOL, and I seriously can die of heart attack if he wakes me up by screaming into my ear. I'll scream back at his!
Ms Lim wanted to see me for awhile, with Yingjie. YAYYYY, good news. I get to go Sec 2 camp's planning as well. Woohoo! I swear I was damn jealous when Mr Jack Chong told Eunice she could go before I know I was nominated as well.
Went down to the canteen for Lohei session! Was damn excited. LOL, and kokhong's table wanted to exchange to Lohei with us cos theirs got fly in it. Wth, so bad. AND DISGUSTING! They ate it in the end also. YUCKS. We tossed our Lohei as well. Only ate the crackers and some of the thing, I didnt like it. And we did bombing games with the rest of the class. Zena was so reluctant, do for awhile then go eat alr. We were fighting for the crackers. And I tossed the lohei so high it fell right smack into Roger's hand. HAHAHA, so fun.
Rushed back to class to get my back and wanted to leave the school asap when the damn security guard stopped me. He say bell havent ring. Asshole la, but luckily the bell rang just when I was about to leave or something. YAY. Rushed to the hospital for eye check-up and the stupid doctor havent reach yet. Need to wait until 2pm? I got no time! I was damn angry that I was cursing and swearing all over. But luckily we reached just in time to meet them.
Watched the match when Xinmin played against Punggol (B Boys). Xinmin won, they won champions for all except C'division Girls. Not bad la. Saw Minghwee and many many people. Took photos with many lame shots. HAHAHA, very funny also. Then Ms Lim treated us to Gelare! Woohoooo. Went home after that. Ate dinner and my father drove me to the temple to take my bursary award. $200! YAYYY.
So happy, cos so far all are good news. BUT THERE'S ONE MAJOR BAD NEWS! And it's that our first national competitions might be on SPORTS DAY! YESSS, the day I've been so enthu about. I was so freaking happy and relieved that I joined the 400m relay, and nowwww? But it's only maybe, k no, most likely. And I wont be able to do my cheerleading with the class? Wear the nice nice class tee with my classmates? Awwwww ):

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