Saturday, February 20, 2010

Had training today, it was quite tough. I have no idea how come coach pulled a long face and spoiled everyone's mood. She even made us do two drills for an hour plus and wont let us take a water break. The feeling sucks la, worse still, Qianwen bought a big bag of drinks and food for us. Ahhh, LOL. When we finally got a water break, which is like half and hour later, the five of us (Cassandra, Xinlerk, Meiting, Jiajing and I) gulped down a 1.5litre of 100plus. LOL, nice.
Anyway, the Secondary 2s have joined our B'division training, but they had to touch on their basics first before they can officially train with us. Seriously, after the Sec 4s leave us, the Sec 2s are gonna have a terrible time. Because their captains dont conduct them very well when they're in C'division. And if their captains cant do it, Chaoxin and I will.
Sorry Hongye and Patrick, didn't go downstairs to pei you guys. I was tired after my training and it was already quite late. Have fun ah.
& Oh, did I mention that Kiansheng and Minghwee came to my house Friday night. And they came to my house to take angpow somemore, wth. AT NIGHT, 10pm plus! But I only open the window for them la, never let them in. LOL, I was in my sleeping clothes leh. Aiya, actually is cos Hongye, Xiaojun and I usually go strolling on Friday night. And so coincidental that we met Kiansheng and Minghwee on one of the Fridays. So we will meet up every Friday night la. But only met once. HAHAHA.
Anw, I just remembered I had a Social Studies test to study for. AHHHH, so sian. Next week everyday got test. It's mugging time people. ):

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