Friday, October 2, 2009

Haha, told you my aunt is coming on Sunday right. Yup, she came with my uncle and they stayed overnight at our house for a day in my my sister's and my room. Had to clear everything out, abit troublesome, but thank goodness it's just for a day.

Oh ya, did i tell you my father bought a damn cool massage machine for a very high and unreasonable price, but it's still cool. I got so angry at my father for wasting his hard earned money that i ignored him for a day. The sight of the machine made me angry, and the cost is godly expensive, but the feel of it is great. Lol, but that doesnt mean I like that stupid machine alot!

Back to my aunt. We went to Bottle Tree Park to eat out dinner that night. For those who have no idea where the heck is that place, it's where we run out napha (wrss people), rmb? Lol, yup, we went there. The food is nice, the first dish was already unstoppable. I love the last dish, BLACK PEPPER CRAB! I love it, aww, so sad my sister's allergic to it. Haha, she ate sotong instead. And my brother keep flirting with the waitress, haiyo. The Park got alot of fishes, can watch ourselves one, cool right. Lol.

Yea, some of us took a taxi home as we all ate until we became so fat that we cant fit into the car. Lol, then my mum took my aunt and uncle to other places for a tour, some kind of like a show off to them about Singapore la. Lol.

I think there's nothing much about that day alr. But more happened this week! Read on:

Yesterday we had D&T, lol. Xiaojun didnt come to school for some reasons, I seriously hope she get well soon, exams are coming. I wanna see her get good results as well. Ya, D&T. We had a problem-solving project for keying in our SA2 marks as we do not have much time left for our wooden block designs. That will be done after exams. So we had to get into groups of four and discuss how we can solve the problem about 'flying rubbish' in hawker centres. Flying rubbish simply refers to those chopstick wrappers, tissues, rubbish flying la. Ya, Dillon Raziq and I were a team, Max betray us. Lol, and Xiaojun never come, so we worked in threes.

We created products, very cool products. Haha, then we did a contest to promote our service and products. Zena and I had fun complaining about other people's products, haha. We're obviously biased la. But we did it because it came from the bottom of our hearts :D REALLY! Then Gabriel was super saarcastic and funny. I will vote him for the most entertaining, but definitely not for the best product. haha.

Then we had Literature today, we keep changing our script until damn funny. Lol. then sufei was very co-operative ah. Haha. and Raziq was so rough, pull my shirt until so high. Lol. And rasyidah so cute ah, hahaha. Raziq was so funny, he never catch the correct timing to blow the lights off the pistol, and he keep paiseh-ing, but it makes the funny effect la.

At 12.20pm today, we went to the hall for briefing on our examinations seating arrangement I think. I am seated at the front! Actually i'm happy because that time i sit at the back then very warm. But now at the front, so weird. haha, nevermind, cant ask for much. Then the Mr Keng let us out last eventhough we came first. Unfair cheekopek.

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