Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mature themes below!

Woohoo, examinations are finally over! I felt like screaming and couldnt stop smiling after the exam okay! Sadly I had volleyball training after Science Paper. Some of you should probably be saying, "Wah so good!" Yea, it's good, i missed trainings too. But that day was supposedly for me to rest, not only me but everyone else hope so too. Lol, anw, went to cwp to buy necessary materials for the presents etc.

After training, I went home to shower and immediately went to Chaoxin's house. We made a giant scrapbook for Jenny and Kelly. I was already yawning when I went to her house. Her sister gave us some ideas. The work was so much that I told my mum I'm staying over at Chaoxin's house to finish up the work. At 2am, we finally came to the last finishing bits when I realised I havent written Eunice's note. Damn it, her wishes to Kelly is like an essay, 250words! Omg, that page was wordy and messy. Lol, luckily it was a scrapbook. Finally, bedtime.

Then Chaoxin woke me up at 8am. Gosh, we are meeting up with the rest at 9.30am at breadtalk to go to Sentosa for the celebration of Kelly and Jenny's birthday. I rushed home, but i was sleepy, so I guess I didnt seem to be in a rush. Lol, after showering and packing my bag, i went to Chaoxin's house. She's still not done with the food. So i helped while she went to pack her bag. Actually I only helped a bit, because i got so lazy and ate most of it. Haha. Borrowed a shirt from Alison, as i forgotten to bring mine. Then Shueli called, Shunyi called, Shuiyuan called. Lol, cool man, all the 'S's (not asses la!). Hahaha, they all reached alr and are waiting for us at Mac. Lol, Chaoxin and I were conforting ourselves that it's their honour to wait for us. Took a cab there as there are so many things for us to bring.

Then reached there, wth, they playing poker at Mac.
People who went: Shuiyuan, Jonathan, Runfa, Zhonghao, Wilson, Zhengyu, Kiansheng, Chaoxin, Alison, Jiajing, Yuping, Eunice, Shueli, Jenny, Shunyi, Pantita, Yingjie, Kelly, and I.
Lol, then set off to the beach. Bought a few things at Vivocity. Found a spot at the beach near the volleyball courts. Played volleyball for awhile, I didnt want to go near the water. Lol, ya, relative come my house, so cannot play. So Shueli asked if I wanna play the boat with her. Kayaking is cheaper and more interesting than the Paddleboat, so we took the kayak one. And three seaters is has a more reasonable price then one and two seater. So three seater it is! Sabo-ed, took the boat with Shuiyuan and Jonathan. While Shueli, Pantita and Shunyi took a boat. It was fun man!

My first time kayaking!!!! We had to wear the live vest. So fun, I didnt know how to use the longlong thing, so i just hit the water like how i see on tv. Then I keep splashing water, I thought it was suppose to be like that ma. Then Jonathan so dumb, he say,"Eh, raining alr leh!" Then Shuiyuan say,"No la, is Xinpei splash the water one la!" Haha, so funny leh. Then i know how to use the thing alr, and I like the only one rowing. Haha, they bully me. Then i wanna hit the rock to see if we would sink like titanic, but they dont want. Then we also tried to capsize and shake the boat, but Jonathan scared. HAHA. Then we play play play, then Wilson, Zhonghao they all so annoying, lol. Keep kajiao-ing us, then make the boat so heavy. I used the pole to hit their hands.

Then returned the boats while the others rent again to play. Eat eat eat, then helped with the water balloon, which we didnt use in the end ): Then went to catch fishes! Lol, i saw it. Then I tell wilson, wilson dont believe. Then I point point point, then he finally saw, then Zhengyu come and dont believe. Wilson and I point point point he never see. Then he also fake fake point point, then say,"Aiya, run away alr." Lol, then FINALLY, he saw. Lol, then we catch fish, but of course failed. Then Shuiyuan say dont catch fish le, go catch crab. Over at the rocks got alot, so we went to catch crabs. Sure enough, there were alot! But they hide fast. Then got alot of mudskippers. camoflaged on the rocks. I cuped one with the cup, but it skipped, and scared me then i take back. Haha, wth right, if not i champion le. Lol. Then Zhengyu used his same old trick again,"There there there, I see alr. You'al come, there there. Aiya, run away alr." Lol. stupid. Then Shuiyuan caught two small crabs. Actually he didnt catch it. The crabs got stuck on his body, then he catch. Then Zhengyu and Wilson tortured the crabs, they say must torture so that it will be more obedient. Wth, lol. then the crab died i think.

Then went back to play volleyball and cut the cakes. Sang happy birthday song and gave Kelly and Jenny presents. I chatted with Eunice. Then the guys went to bury their body in the sand. I helped to bury Shuiyuan, gave him super big nehneh. and flying cock. Then helped to bury Runfa, gave him giant neh, then Wilson go use a long stem to poke the 'cock', then pock until real one. Haha, then Runfa earthquake alr. So i went to make Jonathan's one. His belly is so bouncy. Lol, he also want giant nehneh and testes. Check out the photos la, so porny.

Then Kiansheng said they're going to Yishun Safra to play pool afterwards, then i told them to go next time. Left at around 6pm. We go eat, then went to bugis wanting to eat steamboat. Then, walked for one whole hour still cannot find the restaurant, I want to die alr siah. I swear I've never been so hungry in my life. Lol, I was so tired also, I felt like vomiting leh. Although I wonder what I will vomit out with my stomach empty. Zhonghao and Wilson didnt join us, Shueli and Jenny left. Then finally found the stupid restaurant, but nevermind, noone's to blame cos the food is relatively nice.

Yingjie and Jiajing went home first by Yingjie's father's car. Then Chaoxin and Alison went home also. Chaoxin forgot her volleyball, so i took it. Then continue eating, then called for bill. Woah, the bill was so expensive. We did not have enough money, everyone of us forked out every single cent of money we had but still not enough. Omg, lol. Serious trouble man. Then we all calculated the money and everything, but still not enough. Short of about 30 dollars. Then tried calling friends, but we're at bugis, and the time then is 11pm? Cos it took us very long to find the restaurant and settling down rmb? Lol, Shuiyuan called his brother. And he's gonna come all the way from admiralty. No more mrt and bus services alr, so he took a cab.

We got nothing better to do, so we chitchat, and talked about our lifestories. Haha, Jonathan and Runfa talked about his love story. And money matters, whether a guy should pay everything on a date with a girl, or something. haha, so funny. Then talked about the punishments we would get when we get home. I know I wont get any punishments, mum ask, mum not happy, mum nag. Just then, my father called. Lol, guess what? He just returned home, I told him to wait for me so that we would get scolded tgt, he agreed! Love you PA! Zhengyu said his father would be waiting for him with a cane. Then Kiansheng is memorising his lines and his mother's nag lines. Lol, then Shuiyuan will be scolded by his brother. Runfa also no problem, Jonathan not much as well. Pantita is with her Aunty problem. The seven of us just chat chat until Shuiyuan's brother came and solve the matter. Lol, our saviour man. By the time he reach, it was alr around 1am.

He lent us money to take a cab and we also chatted. I was so tired, got so little sleep the day before from making the card, and now. Lol. I woke up at only 12pm today. WAHAHA.

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