Friday, September 25, 2009

Nothing much this week, had Ms Lim's supplementary class on tuesday. Helped me alot, lol, a maths question boosted me to do more. And Ms Lim taught us a damn cool way with the calculator. hahaha.

you, are still as shittieee as ever.

Haha, i still remember yesterday during assembly in the quadrangle. The sky was so dark it looked like world war, or like, hmm, the world gonna end soon, and we only have an hour to be with the one we love. Haha, drama right. But there's a show that's coming out in cinemas. I'm gonna watch it! :D Haha, back to the quadrangle. Then we were singing the marikita, but obviously everyone was more concentrated on the weather. The sky grew darker and darker, haha, and when we reached the last sentence of the marikita, a wind swept the rain against our feet. Woah, perfect ending. Then it began to drizzle. Mr Siva then told us to assemble back in class. Haha, damn cool.

Then in the afternoon, goddamnit, it was super hot. Had to stay back for D&T presentation. I bargained with Mr Tay for marks. Hey, my presentation very good ok, got slides somemore. Other people no slides get higher marks than me leh. Where got such thing right! Unfair. Haha, then i tell him i take Homecon, then he add two points for me. HEHEHEHE, threatening.

haha, then i watched other people present. Haha, then chatted with Mr Tay. I like D&T leh, lol. Designing is so fun and Mr Tay say I got talent. Haha. Then went to coffeeshop to eat lunch, then the stupid runfa go ask Mr Siva sit with us. I want to go home also cannot. He eat until very funny leh, then he keep talking with his mouth full. Then he told us about how wrss become from paikia school to now. hahaha, so funny. Then finally, we got to go home after Mr Tay came to join us after awhile.

Reached home, of course study for today's exam la. english paper today, i learnt alot of interesting words. Haha, dont tell you. I chose Honesty for my paper one.
Hmm, gtg. Going to play volleyball and basketball later at night. Ciao.!

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