Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haha, it's this pose from my brother again.
Dont say him gay alr la, later he cry. Lol.

Didnt get to post for 10 days. I was revising, haha. Rasyidah, please do not be surprised. I'm not like you!!!! Nothing much, went home straight everyday after school. Except Thursday, stayed for supplementary by Ms Lim. I got to ask her alot of questions. Understood better. I havent really started on my revision, only some. Not yet covered everything. And our literature is so slack, haha. I see Jiajing and Yingjie busy with their literature presentation, and we are like, not even bothered to practise even once. Lol. But nevermind la, i also dont wanna practise. haha, i dont want to be tortured so many times being Anne.

During D&T lesson on thursday, Runfa, Zena Xiaojun and I were discussing what to do after exams, which are still so far away. Lol, we so excited alr. We want a chalet, badly. Haha, Xiaojun and Runfa suggested Pasir Ris, which cost only $60 a day and there's a kitchen, two bedrooms and a small living room, if i am not wrong. It's big enough! Then we wanna do voluntary work for either the orphanage or the old folks home. Then Runfa wanna go Karaoke, he treating us. He even ask us to ask many people, lol. Then we gonna have EOY Class Outing, which is BBQ at ECP. Rasyidah planned it very long alr i think. So many thens. Haha. But exams still not over, so sian. I wish exams are tmr, so that it will be done and over with fast. Lol, so stressed to have it so long lo.

D&T lesson was fun, but i gave up on my car. Haha, mine is like havent even go five steps and runfa alr finished the race. They say becos of solar panel, but what if the sun happens to be on the other side? Never thought of it right, and when we're gonna really test the car, it's in the afternoon leh, where the sun will be on top, so mine might be faster than runfa's! Haha, okay, dream on, but anything is possible ok. Lol. Then i drew Mr Tay on the whiteboard, dont know why he so 'angry', it's handsome what. haha, then i tried writing with my left hand, so ugly. But Zena write until so nice. Damn, haha.

Then talked about the class t-shirt, rasyidah wanted me to design it. But most of the class dont want right. Lol, so not supportive. But if the class dont want then too bad la, cos my design is gonna rock much. Haha, then you'al will regret, but it's too late. Aww, so sad. haha, I'm finished with the design. If the class dont want it, i will change the name from 'TOO UNIQUE' to 'CLIQUES'. K, so set.

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