Sunday, September 20, 2009

Went swimming today in the morning at around 11am, but luckily i did not turn darker. Funny, I always wanted to be darker at first. But now, I dont want alr. Lol, so many people mistake that i'm a malay. Especially when I wear malay costume or something. haha, so ya, my skin tone is acceptable alr. My brother gonna learn how to swim, haha. I was imagining whether he will be considered a genius if he knows how to swim at his age now, which is around 4 years old. Woah, haha, what do you think?

Those who dont think so, later he swim faster than you. Haha. At least now he dares to challenge us to hold his breath under the water. Not bad for a toddler like him k. Went home at around 2pm and had lunch at Marsiling. My brother knocked his head against the table. He dont know knock his head how many times alr leh, but when your head hits his, yours hurt more. Hahaha.

Went home after that, and I slept like a pig until 5pm. Lol, went to grandparent's house after that. Eat eat, watch tv and went to play basketball, again, at 338. Went to play basketball yesterday as well. Need to do revision tmr alr la, i feel so slack. Eventhough i never go out, i never study. Lol. So might as well go out right. Lol, nono, cannot think like that. Hahaha. Later i really go out. Was tempted to go to the place rasyidah said was fun.

I hope i can go swimming again. It's quite fun today. My uncle went overseas and finally he's back. Hope we can go swimming again next time together.

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