Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Currently looking at Hakim's DP and I cant stop laughing. He recorded it and he looked like he's roaring or something. He said in his PM to tell him if his DP looked like a hulk. Haha, seriously, it's damn funny. Haha.

Went to play basketball early in the morning at 338 today. Had fun, lol. Chaoxin, Jonny, Shuiyuan, Wilson, Alison, Zhonghao, Kiansheng and I went today. Zhonghao, Wilson and Alison came later. We 5 team up into 3 groups, then Jonathan solo. haha, damn funny. Then they say can do whatever we want to Jonathan, then i hit him until my hands damn pain, but so shuang, so I continue hitting. Lol. Then played 'ALIBOM'. Haha, so fun. I owned Chaoxin and Shuiyuan. But Chaoxin owned me twice siah, shuiyuan suck at that game. hahaha. He had to do a forfeit becos he became the bommer thrice. So his forfeit is to take the dustbin cover and wave it in the air in the middle of the road. Hahaha.

Haha, got one time i hide behind the dustbin lo. Then chaoxin never see me, haha, i so smart. But the first time i super dumb la. Haha, i hide in a place where i cant see the catcher (Kiansheng) and thought that the catcher wont see me too -,- Stupid, hahaha. I feel like an ostrich. Lol, but after that I smart alr ok. haha.

Then we played 'Murderer', the card game. Haha, we play until addicted lo i think. Haha, Chaoxin and I rock as Murderers. Haha, but Jonathan and I also la. haha, becos, like what people say, our eyes are small -,- Hate to admit it ok. Haha, Wilson's eye is also small. He good also siah. Lol, then Zhonghao is like kena stroke like that, the eyelid keep shivering. Hahaha. Played until 2pm+ and went home.

Haha, today is fun :D But my face is red alr la.

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