Friday, May 29, 2009

Yay! No more school, Love it.
this holiday should start one week ago,
i was already in holiday mood then.
lol. Anws, went cwp with chaoxin, alison, kelly, jenny, shueli, yingjie, shunyi and pantita.
watched Night In The Musuem 2.
damn hilarious.
in the show, i liked the bad guy who talked until very funny one.
the one who keep saying, "I was dead thousands of years ago, and now I AM BACK!"
he said that 3 times, lol!
Please watch it if you havent, it's nice.
saw rasyidah's and xinye's group of friends.
rasyidah watched angels and demons, wonder if it's nice.
kelly was funny, she leep scaring little children.
first was Qianwen's brother,
then later is a small girl.
She say she want to stead with Qianwen's brother,
then keep on 'flirting' him,
until he blush and dont dare look up.
Lol, and i'm glad that Junwei remembered me,
but he remembered me as mimiyan's sister.
HAHA, meaning small eyes.
then later kelly scared a small girl,
she turned and roared at her,
some kind of roar,
then the girl turned and looked away.
HAHA. we also went to popular.
there's a man playing with the chops ar.
you know those ink kind, ya.
then he use them to draw many animals.
it's cute, but we keep irritating him.
lol, ask him draw pig until he draw like bear.
went home after that.

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