Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(i love this photo)

Went to the Ford Factory yesterday, saw many artefacts and fun stuffs.
But it's actually quite boring.
Except it has aircon, and make it nicer.
Our group won the activity, haha.
I think mainly it is because our group is more fun and noisy?
Lol, got some chips as prizes.
They can keep my stomach contented for a while :D

E-learning today!
I finished it, but mostly anyhow.
Haha, but the score not bad la, still acceptable.
I love this week la,
no school.
no book stuffs.
Yay, haha, tmr is the camp!
Just a few more hours!
And, my sister forgot to bring her shoebag -,-
she want me to help her bring it tmr.
What the hell, then i look like what lo.

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