Sunday, March 8, 2009

Haha, went to the library with them.
And met kelly and her pri school friends, yuping, yingjie and jody.
Walked around with pantita in cwp first,
then head to popular.
Kiansheng called and asked where we are.
then he told us not to move,
But we wait for very long alr,
so we go to macdonalds.
Bought something to eat and kiansheng called again,
they came and find us after that.
Saw some of our friends.
Went to library,
found a spot to settle down.
and kiansheng found out my weak point.
Whatever la, i really not scared.
Haha, then we ate and dump our rubbish inside the shelves.
Lol, i didnt manage to finish any homework.
Okay, maybe half of my maths paper.
Then went to macdonalds to eat.
then went back to study.
Watched 'Coming Soon',
it was nice.
But then i still cant see the first part.
haha, then i keep on replaying.
Watched a horror movie today as well,
'Beneath' on HBO.
It turned out that there wasnt any ghosts at all la,
only that the girl keep thinking that someone put her sister into the coffin when she is not even dead.
And she witnessed it.
Not so scary la.

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