Friday, March 6, 2009

It's my brother, again!
Haha, you'd be interested in the next few photos :D
My brother will grow up being a super model. Lol.

Had Health check up on tuesday,
took up part of our PE lessons,
but it's okay,
because there was a talk.
Had PE the next day (wednesday),
and I wasn't really in the mood to run,
and I hoped against hope that I will not have to run.
It may seem almost impossible!
But guess what,
Mr Ben and Mr Poh told me to help out,
and I no need to run!
HAHA, yay.
It goes like this:
(Mr Ben pulled me to the back of the line)
Mr Ben: What is your 2.4km timing?
Me: I don't know. Why?
Mr Ben: Didnt I pasted it in your class? What is your timing?
Me: I think around 14min+. WHY?
Mr Ben: You want to run ar?
Me: Oh, nonono. Okokok.
Haha, but I will run next time to make up for this I think.

Had Literature play, and I was Mr Chin.
And one of our team member didnt come.
Or rather, she went home.
Fine, we'll have one police instead.
and Yuxuan took over her.
He was GOOD.
Syarafina was very cooperative la,
we told her to do the funny voice and action.
And Yuxuan matix worked out real good,
it seemed damn it real.
haha, many complimented. :D

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