Friday, March 13, 2009

Flour attack!
Try it! It's fun!
Yay, it's the last day of school term 1,
and holiday is coming.
But the homeworks make me feel like the holiday should be 1 month instead.
I sprained my ankle on tuesday's training,
but it was okay after 5minutes,
so i continued training.
It was after training and i went home,
that i found out that my leg is swollen.
Quite big la.
Then the next day, rested for PE lesson.
With matthio, jane and nicholas.
then thursday did training,
because the swelling went down,
and it didnt hurt at all.
Spraining ankle isnt that bad la.
Haha, i dont have any feelings,
except the point when i sprained it.
Had sec 2 streaming talk today,
just came back and showered.
I dont wish to share my results.
but anyway, zena is damn cute.
and today many funny things happen.
Rebecca's mum asked Alison: Hi, I'm Christine.
Alison replied: Hi, I'm Buddhist.
And Zena keep saying about Mr Oh,
and the flirty one.
Spotted many people sleeping. zzzzz

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