Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trip to the Great Wall of China.
See all of us wrapped up like dumplings.
The coldness is terrible, I TELL YOU!
Trip to TianAn Men, Gugong.
Not so cold, hands can still sweat.
The Emperor made out here.
See that tower far, far away?
We didn't get to go so far ):
Maybe the Emperor drank tea and chat over thr, lol.
A strange tree in the palace garden.
Nice sceneries :D
Siteseeing along the streets.
Candyfloss and Bingtanghulu :D
Trip to the Olympics 2008 Bird Nest and Water Cube!

The two Fuwa in the Olympic Bird Nest.
Huanhuan and Nini.
We sat along the whole stretch of stairs.
Of course blocking other people's way. :P
The Beijing Volleyball Gang, haha.
That's my China bf, shuai right :D
The height is better now, because she's 12!
During teambonding games,
Haha, i look so seirious trying to solve the puzzle.
Someone hid a missing puzzle!
Haha, the group unlucky lo!

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