Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'First day in Beijing!'
-(0100) get on plane from Singapore Changi Airport
-(0600+) got off plane at Beijing Airport
-Bused to Beijing Shichahai School (then rest)
-Morning jog: 6 rounds (it is super cold, and running makes the throat very dry.)
-Gym (the Beijing coach corrected some of our gym workouts.)
the gym we did was much lighter, but we did more.
-Personal time
-Teambonding games at coach's room
>name yourself a character {Chatty Xinpei}
>puzzle {third placing! :D}
-eat cupnoodles
-eat Vitamin C (every morning and night must eat.)

The food there is in China is not very tasty leh, or maybe i not used to the food.
The lunch sucks, and we had to finish the food we took. The soup tastes like plain water.
I thought their china assent would be very strong lo, but it turned out still okay leh.
We can still understand what they are trying to say, but sometimes we will keep saying 'huh' la.

'Second day in Beijing!'
-Yesterday, one of the china coach say we wear too little.
so today we had to wear our jersey, tracksuit, then down jacket.
-breakfast: VERY NICE:D
nicer than last night's dinner.
-Morning training (China coaches training us.)
>taught us alot of things, and we dont even sweat a bit lo.
>we can also dont drink water for the whole training,
but then we must drink la, later fall sick.
-Lunch: Yummy!
We're betting if the dinner tastes better.
-Afternoon training
>learnt how to receive super low balls. (xiacha)
The china students teach us.
The china students are all girls, but they all had short hair and looked like boys.
The china student who taught chaoxin and i is called Jinyan,
she very shuai lo.
Yay, i did xiacha well:D
-Went out for a walk along the streets
>very cold, wore heat pads
>I bought 'bing tang hu lu', super nice:D
-went back to our room and settle down
-dinner: SUCKS!
-Teambonding games:
We have to act out the meaning of a word that the teacher gave us, then the first group who guessed correctly will be awarded points. Shunyi, Tingfang, DaJingyee, Yanni and I are a team.
The words we got are: Harry Potter, teacher, Taxi Driver, Ah lian and Sound of Music
The words are catergorised into 2 themes: Movies and Character/People.

'Third day in Beijing!'
-Morning training
-Trip to the Great Wall of China!
Today's temperature dropped drastically,
and the trip to the Great Wall made it worst.
I forgot to bring my scarf, and the the cold made my face totally numb.
my heatpads are not working, some froze.
my toes, fingers and face all numb lo.
super terrible.
Xinlerk sick somemore, i little bit unwell.
It was tough climbing the Great Wall la,
but it's a good experience anyway:D
-Dinner: no appetite.
-personal time: 4 hours!:D

'Forth day in Beijing!'
-Morning training
>a very rough kind of soccer game, something like rugby, but played with hands.
we all go crazy over the ball when the opponents took it and snatch it away, jumping and
landing on top of each other. Haha, very crazy la the game.
Many of us injured.
>More practise on xiacha
Did badly la, the soccer game bruised my leg.
>Did alot more, but lazy say la.
It's very fun can le.
-Afternoon training
-Dinner: GOOD:D
-Night shopping!
> Bought chocolate and Butter flavour bingtanghulu.
>Tealeaves for ahgong
>manymany sweets
>Dove dark chocolate.

'Fifth day in Beijing!'
-Morning training (last training, last day seeing my china friend; JINYAN!)
Yay, she got hug me.
haha, she talk very funny lo.
-Lunch: NICE:D
-Trip to Gugong and Tian An Men
>not as cold as the trip to the Great Wall
>the toilet is horriblehorriblehorrible!
I prefer the toilet at the shopping center last night with no doors lo.
>coach say the people robbed the palace's walls jewels when the last emperor ran away.
Indeed, the place look robbed.
>I like reading the stories on the boards, it tells you alot.
You get to know that an Empress hung herself in this room,
the Emperor changed clothes for official meetings in this room, etc.
-Teambonding games (apple group)
>Line up
*according to class number, birthday, name and number of siblings.
>drawing: those people draw me until so toot. Lol.

*Sec ones are awarded lollipops for co-operating with the captains:D

'Last day in Beijing!'
-Morning call (0600)
-Trip to Olympic Birds' Nest and Water Cube
(nothing extaordinary actually)
>Bought Adidas jacket, same colour as Jinyan,
but the pattern is different! Alison got the jacket exactly the same as hers for a higher price!
>Adidas jacket: 170RMB
>Emily Wallet: 75RMB
>Monket Keychain:25RMB
>Gift for Mrs Kok, a mask: 60RMB
>Gift for Mr Clement Lim, a beer opener: 50RMB
We bargained alot lo, the adidas jacket at first quite expensive,
then we bargain like hell la.
I like to bargain leh, so fun.
but must look at the shopkeeper's face also la.
Later you piss her out then die.
-Dinner at restaurant
>Fish (super spicy)
>Mee, noodle
>Beijing Roast Duck
>Sweet Soup
Dinner not very nice leh, but it was fun la.
-Took bus 42 to hostel.
-Free time
>Pack luggage
>Call Zhangyu and ask her if she's with Jinyan
>Call Jinyan and she never pick up!
>Bought 2 boxes of biscuits and 4 milktea from the shop in the hostel building
(2 original flavours, 1 coffee and 1 chocolate.)

Woke up super early to prepare,
and make sure that i took everything from singapore here.
When all of us got ready and waited in the lobby,
coach still havent come.
Made a call to her to find that she just woke up.
The 'shunjiejie' already angry lo.
We made her angry on the last day ):
We waited for coach on the bus,
it was quite a while.
Finally, she came.
and shunjiejie said she had to come back to take the wushu people to the airport at 7.
now, it's alr 6.30 then.
Nobody said a word la,
because it was coach's fault what.
Then reached the airport.
checked in our luggages.
then after a lot of stuffs,
got on the plane.
After the plane started off for a while,
a fight broke out between two china man.
i think is fighting for the restroom.
The young man hit the old man until he nose bleed.
he bleed alot la, until the whole carpet got the blood.
that time i need to go toilet also dont dare go lo.
then got announcement asking if any doctors onboard the plane can help.
many doctors came.

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