Friday, January 4, 2008

Had camp today in school about cca selections & all that,
until 9pm [what the paper say]
Had Meiyin and Aliff as our prefect,
Teaching us lots of cheers, games, and school song :D
We had talks & presentation,
which made my legs tired, eyes sleepy, mouth yawny, butt numb & back unable to straighten everytime!
Anyway, after school time,
we were allowed to have 1 & a 1/2 hour of lunch break!
Yay :D
Our seniors actually want me and Pan to go out with them for lunch,
But one of the prefects saw us,
and they started opening the windows,
all like staring at us.
So, never go lo.
Just asked them to buy us fries + salt.
It seemed forever for them to just buy us fries from the coffee shop la.
So during the waiting-for-fries time, i met Valerie [Pan's friend] :D
When they came back, I rushed over and hurt Pan's back,
Sorry PAN! ;P
It's when Trudie gave me the mashed potato,
then i know that they went to KFC, chey!
Ate the fries & realise, they put lots of salt! AHHHHH!
Anyway, ate together with Valerie, Pan, Yuenwvei & 2 other friends,
Plus Ariani ate one :D LOL!
After lunch, i go back to class with Pan, Yw, and the rest, LATE!
Then when i running to 1e4 shouted, "Xinpei, Jiayou!"
So paiseh leh.
Then in class, we dont want to practise class cheer,
so we play game, we need a piece of paper,
then tear into 4 pieces,
then write down a person's name in class, an action verb,
a place & a time,
Then the prefect will anyhow choose a name, verb, place and time,
then read out.
My name got 2 times leh, walau -.-
1st one is : Xinpei is vomiting in the bedroom [i think, forget alrd] at 12am
2nd is : Xinpei is pangsai-ing at Raffles Statue at 4am.
Then after a while, need to go hall.
Sat and watch presentation,
Then in the actual one,
so boring la.
So me and alison tell the tcher we want to go toilet,
and we actually went to the vb station,
and played volleyball.
Then took a long time to go back.
& after a while the talk by adam khoo finish alrd,
so rushed back to vb station agn
And screamed at the top of our lungs for ppl to join vb.
Me and Alison also went to the Band room and grabbed a handful of sweets.
Went home at 11pm for your info.
and the next day still need to go to school,
7.30am must report the sch for trial,
gosh, im beat la.

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