Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Day Of Sec Sch in Wrss:
Saw Alison, Chaoxin, Pantita :D
Attire Check:
Ms Shidah, that breast very high one?, want me to cut my hair.
Walau, my hair so short alrd still ask me cut,
the brain got problem one la.
Then our another form tcher,
want me to change my specs
I want wear contact lense! LOL
Then Sec ones go hall,
Then one class make one circle,
need to stand up and introduce,
aiya, just say your name can alrd lo,
got one girl name maria,
very pretty la, :D
Then got one girl, her turn alrd right,
Then she stand up and sway her hands like welcoming us like that,
She say, Hello Everone, My name is Rashasha."
I think her name correct la.
So funny.
Then our SC name is Meiyin and Aliff.
Then got school tour,
Then after recess got games.
At the dance room,
The one with 2 trees and a squirrel.
The 3 people, last one to form one team,
will have to do the banana dance !
It goes:
Bananas of the world unite,
Shake banana,
shake shake banana.
Peel banana,
peel peel banana.
Eat banana,
eat eat banana.
Bananas of the world unite.
So funny leh.
Go music room,
play fruit salad,
I LOST! ):
So have to do chicken dance,
shake shake my butt :D
Then do the jumping rope one,
the 2 SCs swing,
then we have to run across without being hit.
But not so much time on that la.
Tomorrow games got,
Find Mr Inverter [Amazing Race]
And Design Class Flag :D

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