Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cameroid Madness! Haha. Taken when we went to rasyidah house to discuss project, discuss project alright. Lol.

Anyway, had Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day (TASAD) ytd. We had free period of an hour to roam around the different stations in school. There are netball in the quadrangle, table tennis outside canteen, soccer in the field, board games below the staff room, and somemore others somewhere. Haha. I watched the netball games, it was okay la. But i wanna play, so it become bored for me to watch. haha, it would be different if i played! haha, then Mr Shah go play also, damn gay. And unfair, becos he is damn tall and no one can intercept him, whereas he can intercept all! Haha, and poor Qianwen, haha, Mr Shah didnt give her one chance to shoot lo. Then bump into her somemore, haha.

Then got bored, and watched what was happening in the basketball court. No idea what was happening. lol, wishes Shuiyuan HAPPY BIRTHDAY. haha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUIYUAN! Haha, didnt give him presents, so wrote it in big fonts for him. Haha.

Then went back to class and we played some games. I gave Ms Shidah and Mdm Soh the card I made. Glad that Ms Shidah liked it because I spents almost 2 hours doing it, even more than that. And i swear that it is the best card I ever made. I never felt so satisfied in my whole entire life just making a card! haha. Played games in class, it's called 'Sketch it'. Our class was separated into two, and one group was called Kopi-O, and the other is Opapa. I was in the Opapa group. Then each group had to send a representative to skectch a word, given by Ms Shidah, to sketch. haha, we were having alot of fun man. Haha. I saw some classes playing 'blow wind blow' and 'musical chairs'. Haha.

Then recess followed by concert. The arrangement of classes was tedious, it took about one hour if the SCs dont realise. Lol, we went to the hall at 11am, but the concert was not even starting when it was 12pm. So, finally the concert started. Haha, Shuiyuan, Farhan and Sharifah were the emcees. Sharifa is natural man, haha, she's good. The performances were okay la, Jess ROCKS! Haha, the SCs performance were cool too. Then the english club one, walau, damn funny pls. Kityee danced until so exaggerating, haha, i cannot stop laughing lo. They danced the nobody by wonder girls. Haha, it was funny la. Then CONGRATULATIONS TO MS SHIDAH for winning two awards - the most encouraging teacher, and teacher of the year. Woohoo, she rocks man. Then there's a ppt on the teachers, lol, also very funny, we get to see the teacher's baby photos et cetra. Haha.

Junjie was calling me during the concert, haha, and i was so anxious to get out of the hall and head to my primary school. But we ended up having to wait for Mr Sim there also la. Haha, but it was fun. Saw many people, too many to name. Lol. Simon! I missed him gooddammuch. I also missed Eugene, lol, but he never come, so sad lo. Stupid BO man! Simon discovered my secrets, damnit. He promised not to tell, fine, i believe him lo. but he damn smart. Haha. Went inside the school's Sports Hall to play basketball. God, are you guys jealous or what? Haha, we're the only one allowed in the school man. Haha, except i heard from max that some of the councillors got to go in as well. haha, but it was great, we played basketball and damn darren, he suck at basketball. haha. I was super hungry, wanted to eat in the canteen one leh, the chairs and tables and stalls so low, haha, so cute.

And we got to order the SC shirt, woohoo, so excited. I hope I can go to the camp this year, i'm will go, i must go! Haha. So sad last year never go. Currently answering to Jozoe's three questions. Haha.

Went to play basketball with Chaoxin, Alan, Alvin, Szening and Pan. Haha, the rest went home. Then my sis call me say we going to eat at restaurant. Woohoo, so weird. Haha, then went home in a rush.

I can see that my parents were a bit disappointed by the food at FatFish Restaurant. Because the food is not nice, except the pepper chilli (damn nice, but abit oily), and they dont even have basic fishballs. Somemore it's a steamboat restaurant. haha.

Was reading someone's blog, and was abit pissed off by what that person wrote. I'm smart enough to figure out just who that person's talking about, and please, that's person' making the wrong theory And guess what, it was not that person's business anyway, why did he/she need to be so against it. WTH back to you!

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