Sunday, September 14, 2014

In my shoes

I've just been away for a month and I realized I have too many things to blog about. I'm just gonna take it one at a time and talk about how university life has been for me so far. Some photos uploaded are taken during SOW.

I am currently into the 6th week of school and still working part-time at Bojangles. I would describe myself as the kind of student who is completely clueless about everything until someone tells me about it, which is the time when every fucking student already know about the news. For instance, I just found out that I have a one week recess break on my 7th week of school HAHA. I am super thankful of the friends I made during the two camps I went to, LSC and SOW, because they keep me informed about a lot of things. And also they keep me company during SOME lunch breaks so I won't have to starve or eat alone. Usually I'll buy snacks and eat alone in the library, I think it looks better than eating alone in the canteen. HAHA it's true but I have no idea why either. I am also super happy about my time-table and the modules I'm taking this semester because the workload (I realised) is generally lesser than most of my friends and I have a free day on thursday, and some fridays when I have no practicals. It's awesome, like on Week 5 I had no school on thursday and friday so it's like an extended weekend for me. It's awesome. But also, this means I have more heavy workload modules to take next semester. Some people are really struggling with ES1541, which is a compulsory module for the people in my course, but I failed to bid for it this semester. 

Both Nessie and I are thinking of applying to hall together next semester. I'm thinking of King Edward, no particular preference actually we're still looking. We kinda wanna find a place that is in between Science and Arts school haha but all the halls are in between these two schools cos Arts and Science are at the extreme ends of the campus. Also, if we're staying in hall I'll quit my job at Bojangles and look for one at Holland Village (super near Kent Ridge), hopefully the pay will be a lot better. Not saying the pay at Bojangles isn't good. It's really good, but we have to share our tips so in that sense, the tips we earn at Bos is not a lot as compared to if you can keep the tips you get individually. But we get bonuses and incentives at Bos whenever we hit the target everyday, so it kinda adds up. What I really like about Bos is how relaxed it is at work and it really feels like family there. Quitting my job at Bos will be quite a pity and I will seriously miss everyone there. But that aside, I'm not leaving Bos anytime soon yet. Everything I'm talking about in this paragraph are just what we're hoping and expecting to happen next year. I honestly can't wait to move into hall so hopefully the application will be a success when the time comes. Oh and if we get into hall, we'll finally start exercising again and join some hall cca and stuff haha. 

The first day of school was alright, I spent more time deciding on what I should wear on that day more than anything else, like packing my bag, or getting to school on time etc. In my opinion, university students are a lot more dressed down compared to polytechnic students. I think it's because most of the uni students stay in hall, so they don't really find a need to dress up and all, which is kinda true. Nessie and I are expecting ourselves to be like hobos attending lessons in school hahaha. Oh and I think Nessie will be the perfect roommate for me because I'm super used to sharing clothes with my sisters, and Nessie and I are of the same height and weight and shoe size. Even though our dressing sense not exactly the same lah but haha, yes we can definitely share our clothes. So far, I really enjoy dressing up for school and deciding what to wear everyday it makes me feel very good, and also I like the fact that I can just head over to Holland V after school and study at coffee bean or have dinner with Marz after she ends work, since she works at HV. (If Nessie and I get into hall next sem all three of us will be working at HV tgt isn't that awesome)

I don't print my notes, except for my Chemistry tutorial cos I can't possibly type down all the chemical formulas and shit. But other than that I do everything on my laptop. I just wanna try out to see how it's like for the first semester first, then I'll see how it goes and decide if I wanna print my notes for next sem modules. I realized that some of the lecture slides are really useless and printing them is such a waste of ink and paper and doing it online actually works just the same. So I carry my laptop everyday to school, except on fridays cos I only have lab on that day. Lab is soooo annoying because we have fixed dress codes. Like we have to wear long pants and covered shoes and I hate wearing jeans. I hardly ever wear jeans. I guess I'll just have to get used to that. I don't think I look horrible in jeans I'm just not used to having my legs covered I guess. Singapore is so bloody hot. 

Into the 6th week of school, I've had two biology CA1 tests, lsm1103 and lsm1104. We had lsm1103 test first and all of us would agree that we studied way too hard for the test because the test turned out to be just 10 short answer questions. And by short answer, it's really short answer. Like the answers are mostly just one word. For example, name a structure of the bacteria that causes its motility. Ans: Flagellum. I think most of us finished the paper in at most 5 minutes, but we had to wait for another 25 minutes before we could leave the exam venue cos the paper was 30 minutes long. So for the lsm1104 test I didn't really study much, especially after I heard it's all gonna be MCQs. I merely read through everything in the lecture notes and that's all, I didn't memorise much. The test, sighs, didn't turn out as easy as I expected it to be eventhough they're all MCQs. I scored 11/20, but my friends scored the same  so I guess it's alright? HAHA well, at least we passed right. 

(I got bullied so badly during the camp by the boys. I might or might not have provoked it. HAHA)

I still get lost in school sometimes. In fact I only found out about the location of the Science Library in Week 4 of school HAHA. All my lectures are in the Science block so I haven't been to other parts of the campus ever since school started. I was really proud of myself when I managed to get to the multi-purpose hall on my own for the test for lsm1104. Umm regarding the food in NUS, I haven't tried much. I tried the Ayam Penyet (so good man so good but so fat man so fat), the salad at Platypus, chicken rice, subway, Just Acia. Yeap that's about it. Just Acia is really worth it, like they have free flow drinks and deserts, and NUS students have discounts. I think I spent $7.80 the last time I went. I usually just get red bull or a can of coffee from the drinks shop that's all. And I like to bring snacks from home to eat during lectures so I won't fall asleep. I wanna try bringing like a meal in the next time, sure it'll invite lots of stares but I think it's better than eating alone in the canteen right HAHA. I do have friends in NUS, just that Sheela's Nessie's and my timetable doesn't complement very well and it's quite hard to find time to meet each other esp when our schools are so far away. My time table dont complement very well with my camp mates either, but so far it hasn't posed a problem for me. I like having the time to study on my own in the library.

my camp mates made me pose for 200 points 


I've driven to school once, cos I only had a 2 hour lecture that day and travelling to and fro home and school would have taken more than 2 hours already. Driving to school took a really long time too and since it was my first time I don't really know the way that well. It took me about 40 minutes? And I have to park so far away from my lecture theatre. I was seriously tempted to park at the staff parking lots, but nah got no balls man it's not my car. My mom still doesn't really trust me with the car, but I'm already getting quite used to driving. I drove to Lavender ICA building last Saturday with Xintien to collect our passports, and then down to my gramps place from there to pass them some stuffs, and then finally home. It was a safe journey haha but not exactly a smooth ride I am pretty reckless on the road, but hey still safe man. 

These photos are taken from the SOW camp I attended nearing the starting of university. This camp is really good, and in my opinion more fun than the Life Science Camp I attended before this camp. They also help you throughout the modules bidding process. If I had not attended this camp I honestly would have zero clue how to bid for my own modules HAHA, this camp was a big help to me. My group had the perfect mix of people, with 10 guys, 10 girls and 10 seniors. I remembered having lots of fun during the camp, I mean, clearly you can tell from the photos. I also remember having severe lack of sleep cos we sleep so late in the night and wake up so damn early in the morning. I think the most we had was 4 hours of sleep a day? HAHA but it was fun nonetheless. I was super sporting during all the games man, except for secret pal that game sucks. My sp sucks. 

I also went for Life's A Beach at Wavehouse a couple weeks back which turned out to be an international university exchange party. I didn't meet anyone from NUS, which I have no idea if that's something I should be thankful about or not. I met several people from NTU and JCU. This party was soooo crazy, music was awesome cos Yang was the DJ. There were so many angmohs there, and many of them were really desperate and horny. It was an experience, but seriously the dudes need to calm their dicks. 


Anonymous said...

Keep blogging! I'll never have a uni life so I'll experience it through you. :D


Hey Anonymous, will do. No worries :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! im a year one freshie in chemistry hahaha I also want to apply for Halls, but do you think theres a possibility of us getting it? since many people will surely continue to stay on... and we haven't accumulated any "points" or smth :/

Anonymous said...

How about KR hall? :)


I think it's worth a try. Many people are talking about KR but I think KE has a higher probability for us to get the hall cos I heard they really need people in their hall activities and they still have a lot of vacant rooms. I've emailed them to ask about the room vancancy and shit but have yet to get a reply. I think the "points" thing are for the students who still wish to stay in hall the following semester.