Sunday, November 9, 2014

Remembering only after having forgotten

Hello again, neglected space. 

Many things are going on for me right now. I'll be super busy studying for exams that will only end on 3 Dec, and I'll be working more often as well since I'm only left with my last week of school before Semester 2 starts next year, and also I'm trying to earn money for my long awaited overseas plan next month. Baby brother's birthday is coming, so is Christmas, then there's ZoukOut tickets that I've yet to settle and my accommodation for overseas trip. I need a rich man in my life HAHA. As busy as I may sound, I somehow always find time to have fun. In my friend's opinion, I'm having too much time and too much fun hahaha. I think I'm just super lucky to have chosen super slack modules this Semester, but it's gonna be hell for me next Semester so I might as well make full use of my time now.

I'll trace back time to the oldest interesting event (at least to me) that I've yet to blog about then work my way to the most recent event. 


I know this event happened like two months ago but it was probably one of the best nights I've ever had this year. Ok maybe not, but without a doubt, it was one of the nights I really enjoyed myself and felt genuinely happy. So I was supposed to be at work that night, when my friend called and asked, "Xinpei can you paitao work?" I was like, "Why…" The moment he said that he had two free passes to Formula One, I was like "fuck yes?!?!" I was super grateful that he decided to call me along among all his other friends as well. And even more grateful that it changed my impression of the event itself. I was one of those Singaporeans who cared no shit about F1 even though it was pretty much the pride of Singapore. I didn't even know what it was about except racing cars and stuff. But having the chance to experience it real life was a totally different thing. The moment I stepped into the F1 Zone, I felt like I was in another country and we even turned to foreigners for directions. It was a legit carnival in fucking Singapore. Everyone was having fun and smiling and enjoying themselves and it took every ounce of me to refrain from getting the overpriced beers there that's served in fucking plastic cups. HAHA. I wasn't that interested in watching the cars race though, they were gone in less than 2 seconds and you can barely catch anything. I was in love with the atmosphere!!! After the event, we had our own post-F1 party with free drinks and food at one of the bars inside. I swore to myself that I'll come to F1 every other year. It's really a date to note down in my calendar now because I wouldn't wanna know how fun it's gonna be and have to miss it! I think I sound a little too excited hahaha. F1 was awesome I still look back to that day and remember how much fun I had.

I took Freshmen Seminar (FMS) Science of Color module this Semester and it was the best module ever. We basically do nothing in class except watch people present and our grade was dependent on our 20min long presentation (graded by our classmates) about any topic related to colors. My class only consisted of 12 people and I managed to got this module for 1 bid point only. I feel super super lucky because this module satisfies faculty requirement and has no final exam. Many of my classmates presented on very technical topics related to colors, and color psychology was the most popular. I was super scared that my topic will clash with others but thank god it didn't. I presented on the effects of colors on different types of people and talked about the blind (you'll be surprised how colors can actually affect the blind), autistic patients and chromophobe patients. I thought it was a rather untouched topic but also super interesting. One thing I disliked about this module was compulsory attendance and having missed one lesson, I had to do a report on another topic about colors. It was tedious and skimpy, but it'll do. But then again I thought my prof was reasonable about getting me to do a report just because I missed a lesson because if he had not done so, no one would have turned up for his lessons hahaha. My prof is super super cute and this module was honestly the only lesson that I look forward to every week. On our last lesson for this module, my prof bought Krispy Kreme donuts for all of us and insisted that it was an experiment but he just wanted us to eat it. He then went on to present about a donut story. HAHAHA god is it just me or the people around me are just so retarded and complementary to me sometimes. HAHA just kidding. 

Talking about last lessons and how lucky I am this Semester, my LSM1103 Biodiversity lab group is the best ever. They were really my motivation to go for classes and practicals because I know I'll enjoy myself with them around. Our group is also super fortunate to get the best Teaching Assistant (TA) that is full of shit, funny and knowledgeable. We were able to learn a lot as a group from him and have fun at the same time. At one glance, our lab group (B09) is definitely the most bonded among all other groups, or maybe I'm just biased but I think it's true haha. These people also never failed to lend a helping hand to me in my studies and are always caring for me they're so super nice I get really touched sometimes. Like how I'm always about 20 mins late for class and they'll tell me what I missed and let me copy their notes and slowly explain to me whatever that I don't understand. And how they were afraid I might be late for our Changi Beach Practical and miss the bus, so they called me to make sure I knew how to get to the meeting area. I feel very blessed to have all of them as part of my lab group this Semester, I just hope my luck sticks around in Semester 2 as well. 

Also, Changi Beach Practical wasn't as bad as I anticipated. A day before the trip, I was googling about it to see if I should give it a miss cos I heard we had to go into the water till chest level and get all dirty and shit. Princess Pei didn't wanna get dirty ok. So basically I just told them I'm on my period and apparently it was voluntary, like you can choose whether or not you want to get into the water, so it was okay. I definitely learnt a lot from the trip though, because I got to really see many practical specimens live. The trip also taught me how to identify organisms at first glance which helped in my practical test.

The trip to the Zoo was quite a wasted trip because it started pouring the moment we arrived at our first station and it didn't stop at all throughout. I was the only one in my group who brought a poncho and thank god I did because I think I was the most comfortable of everyone else and I was definitely the driest. HAHA we went home after walking in the rain to a few other stations to see the animals but it was really nothing much. I was just super captivated by the beauty of the cheetah because it looked so elegant. 

You'll always see me around Woodlands Starbucks whenever I'm down to study, which is really quite often. Woodlands Starbucks still feels like home to me especially after having made friends with the baristas there. It's definitely my #1 favorite place to go when I have nothing to do. HAHA also cos free drinks but shh. 

These are just photos from one of the very few rare days that I get to pamper myself by dressing up to town and probably do some shopping, and get nice cafe food. HAHA, honestly I can't really recall what happened on those days but these photos of me are nice so I'll just post them. I'm also super in need of shopping. Like I'm dying. I need more clothes with price tags still on, if you get what I mean. HAHA


What was supposed to be dinner at Holland Village with Marz and visiting Nessie at her work place at Harry's turned into an impromptu Friday clubbing night at Zouk Members. I was supper underdressed wearing this nude chiffon top and shorts with platforms that Nessie lent me. The night didn't go very well for me even though the music was sick as fuck cos my stomach was hurting all of a sudden. My stomach has been hurting like this for awhile now, the pain just comes at random times and it can be really extreme till the extent I can barely stand. No idea what's wrong with me, so far it only happened thrice. I want to see the doctor to know what's wrong but at the same time if it's something bad I kinda don't wish to know it? Do you feel me

Sunday beach outing with my girls! I love how my girls and I share the same love for beaches and just chilling in the sun with a cocktail and doing nothing. That day, we reached Sentosa just before the sun was about to set and spent only two hours on the beach but we still enjoyed ourselves very much. I like days like this. We will be back Sentosa! (Esp USS Battlestar Galactica!!!)

Halloween is always my favourite day of the year because I get to go out of my house looking ridiculous as hell and no one cares (also I kinda like getting a lot of attention HAHA). I always felt super super sad during those few years when I had to miss Halloween because of end of year examinations. This year I'm dressed up as a space babe/alien but everyone just thinks I'm a fucking cat woman or miley cyrus ugh. I'll do better next year hopefully. I really liked how I looked this Halloween though…

Marz Nessie and I had a one-day staycation at Marina Bay Sands on Halloween night. I can't describe how great Halloween was for me this year!!! Our initial plan was to club hop from Butter Factory to Attica then to Zouk but because we were running late we skipped Butter Factory and went straight to Clarke Quay where it was super super crowded but it was fun to see that many people dressed up as well. Also, those blinking red devils got to go man. Personally, I think the most creative Halloween idea was being a Sims character because you get to wear whatever the fuck you want as a Sim as long as you wear that green diamond thing on your head. It kinda annoys me how effortless but successful that idea was and how I put in so much effort for mine but still failed miserably. Like next year I'm just gonna wear a fucking eye-patch so I'm unmistakably a fucking pirate. We didn't manage to get into Attica as it was super super crowded, so we just walked around Clarke Quay for awhile then headed down to Zouk where the real party begins! The drinks, company (haha what do I mean company, I only have two friends) and music was so good that night. I really enjoyed myself! I wish everyday was Halloween!!!

Barely slept the night cos we wanted to wake up early to chill at the Skypool. The view was needless to say, magnificent except for the haze but it's alright. I liked how we're so high up HAHA. We also had a bit of drama with the receptionist as the three of us managed to get into the pool with only two room cards. But all was solved thanks to Nessie's ingenuity and me being her accomplice. HAHA 

After that, we completed our day with a luxurious but super overrated meal at TWG. I liked how atas everything was but having tea and herbs in every main course was kinda annoying. My food looked really good but thumbs down for the taste. The tea was really good though. I think the next time I'm there, I better just stick to the tea. Oh and have I ever mentioned how I have super bad luck in trying out new food or flavors. I always pick the worst tasting cocktail, or the worst dish. Like I want to be adventurous and try new things but all these encounters just make me wanna play safe and have chicken rice. Ugh

To compensate for last week's hectic week of partying and pampering ourselves, we spent the following Friday studying overnight at Coffee Bean @ Holland Village, jamming to christmas carols and occasional upbeat songs like Bang Bang, Anaconda and so on. I believe everyone agrees that things always get funnier when it's 3am in the morning. So at that time, Nessie was talking about how she wants to change her Instagram and Twitter name from vxnnicole to vanlynnx or something. Eventually I decided I'll change my Instag and Twitter name too. All of us were bombing crazy names to each other that were so FUCKING hilarious we laughed till we cried. 

Meowlaysa (Malaysia)
Xingapei (Singapore)
Obameow (Obama)
Phillipei (Phillipines)
Peiris Hilton (Paris Hilton)
Meowly Cyrus (Miley Cyrus)

HAHAHAHA these were the only few that I can remember but I swear there were a lot more funnier ones. God I love my girls. 

That's all for this post. I'll try to put my posts up more regularly so I can get to describe how my day went in greater detail and not miss out any interesting stuffs. I can't wait to see my best friend in a months' time!!! 

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