Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Come the white wine bitter sunlight

Nessie Marz and I made an impromtu plan to hit the beach last week! We woke up really early in the morning and stayed there the entire day just chilling in the pool with drinks and pizzas. We went to check out Tanjong Beach Club (it was my first time there!) and it was really nice. Love the pool and sunbeds. We went into the pool after lazing around for a really long time and played Captain's Ball with a few guys who later bought us a bucket of 5 heinekens. HAHAHA

We decided to head down to Siloso Beach to check out the other beach clubs after awhile cos there were no cute guys to ogle at at Tanjong Beach Club lol. We took the tram in our bikinis and really invited a lot of stares (it was not comfortable). There are a lot of beach clubs at Siloso and we were just walking around aimlessly cos we couldn't settle with any of them hahaha. Went into Wave House but the pool was under maintenance. Such a bummer because there were actually cute guys there, damn. We finally settled with Mambo Beach Club and made friends with DJ Maverick!

DJ Maverick gave us his name card and offered to drive us down to Pump Room where he was gonna spin at later that night. He had his name printed on his fucking car wtf. We didn't have plans later that night so we agreed. WE GOT TO RIDE THE BEACH CART!!!! I would really love to drive it though but nah we couldn't. We had a table at Pump Room with free drinks hahaha, we didn't dance much cos we were sooooo fucking tired and left at midnight. 

Sunset and my butt cheeks


Ok yeah this about conclude my beach day with my girls. We agreed that we should really hit the beach more often I mean yeah we know the Sentosa's beach is really ugly and fake but it's super chill to just laze around in the clubs at noon. It'll be even better if there's an event at night since we were already dressed for the occasion hahaha. 

This is gonna be complicated cos the dude in the top photo with Jon is also called Jon. So I'll just call him Jon, and call my Jon "B" ok lol

Also last week, B asked me over to Mo's house to have a drink with them and Jon. Of course I agreed because I was working both weekends and it was the only time I could spend time with Jon that week. We drank at their usual place, the playground. Mo and I thought we were gonna die first cos B was making all of us drink so fast as usual. We had beers and vodkas. But woah HAHAHAHAH, Mo and I survived while Jon and B died. Jon puked while talking midsentence, all over himself and in our private circle HAHAHAHHA, it was fucking funny I can laugh just by thinking about it omg. And B puked so much as well. Mo and I were just discussing about his complicated relationship while the two Jons puke to their death.

I kept telling Jon that it makes me fucking contented and pleased to see both my boyfriend and my bestfriend hanging out and he never understood how I felt until that night. It was the best feeling in the world to see Pan and Jon being good friends. It just warms my heart like omg I have the best of both worlds. They're my best of both worlds. 

That night after we got the two Jons back to Mo's place, we managed to head out for supper with Marz Nessie and their friend. And I didn't wear my bra out. LOL Marz and Nessie stayed over together at Mo's place. 

I woke up halfway to pee and I fell three times while on my way to the toilet and ended up sleeping in the toilet fuck my life all of them heard my fell in the toilet and none of them came to my rescue. The falls resulted in a lot of bruises on my arms, knees and even my chin cos I scraped it against the carpet on the floor in the toilet. And I wondered how Mo and I managed to get to the supper place the previous night lol.

Stupid Mo and his selfies on my phone

I swear they said "give a slutty pose"

That's me being a whiny little bitch

Last Monday to Thursday, I attended the Life Sciences Camp in NUS! I really didn't expect much from the camp because being the unlucky person that I am, I always get the most boring OG or OGLs LOL, but not this time omg. I was pretty pleased with my OG and my OGLs!!! My OG name was called "Slarts" HAHAHA, yes pun intended and because of that we had lots of super slutty and horny cheers. Super happy I got an indian OGL cos I LOVE INDIANS and also super love teasing them about their skin colour HAHAHA. Indians are amazing, rock on niggas.

First day of camp started off with all the ice breaker games, then some sports activities I guess. It was alright, I was just being a whiny little bitch sometimes. 

My down syndome photobomb
(I had no time to smile)

Day 2 of camp was wet games! I was expecting to get wet, but not wet with food dye omg HAHA, all of us got really messy and gross but thank god everything could be washed off really easily. I also struggled a lot with the station where we had to slide on our butts and play rock paper scissors cos yours truly suck at rock paper scissors. I was literally out of breath after playing that game, and the worse part is I am currently recovering from an abrasion on my tail bone from too much sliding. 

We had a game of Murderer at night for 3 hours and only slept at 5am omg HAHAHA. 3 hours of sleep to survive for the next day.

This is us being super silly cos a dude just walked into the door wearing matching shirts as us so we're acting like he's our homie HAHAHAHAH


I was trying to do the Harlem Shake don't judge

Amazing race was fun, and also a huge waste of money on transport lol. The most stupid games of all are the ones that bonded our OG. We played MRT games, Around The World In 80 Days and all that crap HAHA. Best game of all was still Murderer. All the other OGs were playing games like H2O and we're just playing the most lazy game of all that only requires sitting down and arguing.

We had BBQ for dinner that night and it was the worst BBQ experience in my entire life. We wasted three good packets of chicken wings, entirely untouched because the fire was weak and pathetic. Basically our dinner was just crabsticks and hotdogs.

Last day was spent at the beach playing Amazing Race all over again cos it rained in the morning, and then war games later in the afternoon. War games resulted in a lot of cat fights among girls, where I am also involved lol HAHA. It was fun though cos I'm so damn good at it (jk). I'm too lazy to describe the game lah, but my house didn't win oh well I had fun though. 


We had night games every night but they weren't really fun I don't know maybe I'm just being unparticipative and lazy ok HAHA, I would much rather sit down and listen to music and sleep or something. We wake up too early each day and sleep too late at night so everyday is just fucking tiring and I was exhausted. This camp also made me realize that NUS food rocks omg I can't wait to eat there everyday when school starts.

Also, this camp made me not wanna live in halls anymore cos I hate the shower cubicles. Living there will feel like camping everyday. I would rather live in the residential areas but that's 3x the price of halls. I think I'll just live at home HAHAH

This post is mostly just photos cos I'm so tired and lazy, my work just ended and I can't wait for Bali trip next week omg 

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