Monday, June 23, 2014

Fight and make up, kiss and make out

Just in case some of you have yet to watch the new video I uploaded of me putting on make up for Jon! I gotta admit my boyfriend is pretty fucking sporting. HAHA, he's the best.

I haven't been able to update my blog to talk about the things I've been up to lately and I don't think my memory permits me to but I have lots of photos taken so they'll do the talking and I'll just fill in the details wherever I can.

Reason why I love Bat: both of us make the most spontaneous faces ever HAHA

So the girls and I are finally able to squeeze out some free time to meet up for a meal together! We had dinner at Concetto located at The Cathay. The food was good and their hand made pasta (Tagliolini) was probably the best pasta I've ever eaten. After dinner, the girls and I just head over to Sephora cos they've yet to check out the GSS there and they asked me to recommend them some make up brands HAHA. I'm not a pro at make up but I do put on make up on a daily basis. I draw my brows everyday and I will be drawing my brows when I attend NUS Science Camp HAHA, I don't care man fuck I just hope I'm not the only girl doing that cos then I'll look like a fucking bimbo. 

Oh and I had a 10$ voucher for Sephora branded items and I decided to use it on this Refillable Fragrance Atomizer which costed 24$, which means I only had to pay 14$. I wouldn't say it's super cheap at 14$ still. I know I can probably get it at some other places at way cheaper prices but it looks so cute omg I couldn't resist it. Not a fan of hot pink colour as well but I thought it looked super classy so I got it. Basically you can just refill it with your favourite perfume (which is probably made of glass and big and bulky), so you can carry this cute little atomizer everywhere and spray it on yourself whenever necessary! I love it haha. I had it filled with my Zara perfume which Maria gave for my birthday this year.

Boys: Chaoxiang (annoying lil brother), Bernard, Brayden
Girl: Rebecca

I thought it's really cool how my Aunt and Uncle decided to have "B" initials for their boys and "R" for their girls. I'm gonna do the same in future too hehe

So my baby cousins (my sister kept insisting their not babies anymore cos the eldest is already 10 y.o but still they're too cute to be anything but babies to me) from KL came over to SG after their trip to Johor Bahru's Legoland. They stayed for 2-3 nights (I can't remember) and I decided to spend my day with them on the very last day. Woke up in the afternoon and headed to the Woodlands Swimming Complex for a swim. I was really bored at the pool because I had to accompany them in the baby pool, and then I realized…

I'm old HAHA fuck

Becca and I got tired after awhile so we left the boys to go take a shower first. And then she told me that she's scared of ghosts and insisted that I shower with her. She told me not to look at her butt cos she's shy HAHAHA so fucking cute omg. When we came out of the shower, she refused to put her clothes on and said "I wanna do some squats first." HAHAHHAAHHAHA wtf yes she's a little bimbo but super talkative and fluent in her speech. And her brother, Bernard filmed TV commercials for baby milk powder! In my opinion, Brayden is super charming. He has the really shy and nonchalent attitude. Like he won't give a fuck about you when you're nice to him, which just makes me want him mooooooreeeeeee. He's so cute HAHA ok they're all really adorable

Then I decided to be a fucking hero and bring all of them for a movie at Causeway Point. Yes, me and four kids. I had the boys holding hands together while I held on to the girl. I think people were looking at me like I'm a baby sitter HAHA. It was super tiring having to hold them and ensure they all get into the same lift and not run around and keep them safe. AHHH, we watched Maleficent and they were all so touched and excited and fucking noisy in the cinema I just kept asking them to shut up. They're really cute though, they are super intelligent and just never fail to surprise me.


I also finally got to meet my volleyball girls! We met up for dinner to celebrate my very belated birthday HAHA. Thanks y'all cheeky girls for the La Senza sexy night gown. I'll be sure to make good use of it one day. Oh and I'm wearing this Moschino shirt that Tyler got me from overseas. I forgot where she went, but yup I love it! Very simple and classy, and I officially have too many white tshirts in my wardrobe.

We had Thai Express for dinner which left all of us screaming for some ice water because the food there is fucking spicy. I ate there so many times but I never ever learn my lesson. We walked around randomly desperate to find a spot to sit down and chill but to no avail, so we just took photos, had ice cream and parted ways. It may be just a short meet up, but it was really nice to finally see all of them again. I hope our tradition of celebrating birthdays will continue in the years to come because it's a really good way to keep us in contact!

The weekends are reserved for Jon because they're the only time I can see him in a week. I keep myself occupied with work in the weekdays but I still have to work on some weekends as it's always the busiest at the bar. Oh I don't think I told y'all that I'm working at Bojangles! It's a bar located at Woodlands, Woodgrove, just a 5 mins walk away from my house so it's super convenient and it saves me time and money on transport. And for some of y'all who had no clue there's a bar at Woodlands, now you do! It's a very chill place, and sells really nice food too. I, personally, am I fan of the food there and decided to ask for employment on the second and third time I went there. Yeah I asked twice cos I really wanted the job and cos I'm annoying like that. Oh, and I have no uniform for work so I get to wear any shirt shorts and slippers. And I get paid after every shift in cash so I don't have to pester them for the pay all the time like how I did for other jobs. I love my job!!! 

In case you're asking for employment at my work place, it's really all full so save your effort. Xinlerk is working at the same bar as me too!

I went out with Xintien to check out the GSS sales again! I can't really remember what I bought but it's probably one of the many new clothes in my wardrobe with the tags on cos I haven't gotten the chance to wear them yet. I treated this little bitch to Ippudo Ramen cos she's broke and cos I'm craving so badly for their ramen and I was in a good mood. Now I'm regretting… HAHA just kidding.

Selfies for best friend and I cos we're so far away and we miss each other so much :'(

Met Nessie and Marz like 3 days in a row cos we were all so bored with no plans HAHAHAH. Like literally I text Nessie, and then Maria. If they're both busy, I'm rotting at home. And we had some really serious craving for durians, like REALLY serious but there were no pasar malams nearby so I bought durian pancakes.

I know I look super weird holding a pen, like what the fuck do I have to write right? And how do I write? What are alphabets and numbers? How do I write 'a'? You mean, apple starts with A? 

This long break from books officially made me an idiot.

Selfie with my Strawberry Cheesecake cos Dan kept insisting I take photos with it IN THE CHEESECAKE BOX in return for nothing. Yes I do not get anything for posting this on twitter or instagram HAHAHAHAH

Just laughing hysterically at my own joke, again. My boyfriend no longer finds me entertaining

Finally a day out with my berber (found this term super funny in wahbanana's videos, check them out on Youtube). I went all the way to town to get my shoes and turns out they don't have my size??? Super upset about it and super angry at my big feet cos stores NEVER ever have nice shoes in my size. I can't exactly remember what else we did in town but we had Din Tai Fung for dinner again and then home sweet home. Oh oh I remember now. We watched X-Men Days of the Future Past at Cineleisure. He already watched it but he wanted to acknowledge my effort in catching up with all 5 of the movies within 3 days so I can understand the latest X-Men HAHA. I was never interested in all the Marvel movies I never thought they'd be so good and get me hooked onto them anticipating for the next movie to come out! I regretted not catching X-Men earlier cos I would have applied the concept into General Paper Essays for Science Topic. Movies like X-Men and GATTACA talk a lot about mutations and the divide between the human species, and it's my favourite part about Science. I love all the mutations and DNA shit lol. Now I sound like a fucking nerd.

On the other hand, the way X-Men talk about evolution is super exaggerated. As a Science student and having learnt about evolution and all that, what happens in X-Men is not possible in real life because evolution occurs to make humans adapt better to survive. So if we ever evolve to have powers, it will be to allow us to survive better in the ever-changing environment, not like shooting fire out our eyes, growing claws like wolverine or controlling metal and shit. And humans do not have any enemies, so there was no need to have powers to combat predators and so on. The only reason for our evolution is the environment, the natural disasters, global warming and shit. 

Ok enough science talk

Sister and our boyfriends bonding time while our family is away for 3 days! HAHA we caught The Fault In Our Stars. I wanted to watch it with Jon cos both of us finished reading the book together. I was honestly ready to be disappointed like how it turned out for The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The book is always better than the movie. In my opinion, it was because while we were reading the book, we imagined the best scenario for everything to take place. I like to read the book before catching the movie instead of the other way round because I feel that watching the movie first kind of restricts my imagination. Anyway, TFIOS movie definitely didn't disappoint at all. Everything happened exactly like I imagined them to and it was perfect. It was really touching. The metaphor is still stupid though. Both Isaac and Xintien complained that the movie was super draggy and boring lol THEY DON'T GET IT BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T READ THE BOOK

Spent last Thursday going over to Jon's house to tutor Nic, then wait for Jon's arrival in his house because he got to book out!!! We caught 22 Jumpstreet because we watched 21 Jumpstreet together. Yes we watched a lot of movies together because I'm like a frog in a well and didn't watch movies much. But he totally changed that and I love movies now because I learnt so much from watching them!

22 Jumpstreet was perfect. It kept me laughing from the start till the end and I wish that there's gonna be  23 Jumpstreet and so on but I doubt so. Channing u so cute don't u ever die

A very chill Friday at Jon's house and we decided to buy a bottle of Champagne cos we're cool like that

The dude that photobombed us turned up at Lovesick Tattoo Studio as well and we showed him this photo. Can you imagine how many photos you actually photobombed without realizing, and how ridiculous you look in the photos?! Omg I will wanna see them if I could hahahaha. 

So Jon decided on a tattoo design the day before and booked an appointment to get it the very next day HAHA yes very impulsive very bold very efficient very crazy. I love how the tattoo turned out eventhough we all kept laughing at how the waves in the cup looked like noodles. HAHAHA I think Jon's body art speaks a lot for himself if only people look deeper into them.

Spent 4 consecutive days with Jon but time with him is just never enough. We don't really do anything, we just lay in bed with chips and watch movies all day. We watched "Would You Rather". It's a thrill movie with super interesting concept I love it. Basically it's like "Would you rather stab a the person on your left in the thigh, or whip the person on your right's back" and the character have to decide within a limited time and actually do it. I highly recommend all of y'all to go watch it if you're into thrill and all that. It's not really gory, I was expecting it to be but it's really not. Just really intense and thrilling. I love it!

I just watched How To Train Your Dragon 1 earlier because Pan told me how good it was a few years back when she first watched it, and Xintien wouldn't stop talking about how good it was and she cried after watching and all that. I gotta admit that it was pretty damn good and I teared up a little while watching it as well. I can't wait to catch How To Train Your Dragon 2 when Jon books out!

I did several things today as well. I had my Provisional Driving License renewed at SingPost, paid for my NUS Camp and also had my Medical Check up all by myself! Getting lost in NUS alone is not fun and I had to ask for directions several times. Thank you to whoever helped me along the way! It was also really comforting to see several familiar faces. And my medical check up says I'm normal and healthy. HAHA, yay no cancer I'm not going to die

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