Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nostalgia is a side effect of dying

I'm finally, finally gonna blog about Pan's stay in SG last month (19-26May, Monday-Monday). It just makes me so sad to realize how fast the week has gone and even sadder to know that my bestfriend is once again so far away from me. There's just something really special about her that makes saying goodbye so hard. Having her by my side is just so comfortable and I say whatever the hell I want, and I can wear heels cos we're both of the same height and neither one of us will look like a fucking giant beside another. We thought we can never get any closer than we were before, but each time we meet, we still managed to grow closer together. I think our friendship is amazing, it's like magic, just cooler and real and unable to explain.


I cabbed down to the airport from my place and waited an hour for the Thai princess to arrive. We greeted each other with a long awaited big fat hug. She gives the best hugs ever. Have I also mentioned that I am a very protective friend, especially over Pan. If I go to the airport with someone and that someone gets to hug her first I'll be so pissed off. It has yet to happen but just saying so y'all bitches can take a fucking step back and let the perfect pair of bestfriends reunite and scream and hug the shit out of each other. HAHA I sound like a bitch but yes really don't fucking piss me off by doing that (but it prolly won't happen I always run to her and makes sure I get to hug her first hahaahahaah)

So she missed taking Singapore's transport and wants to take the train back to Woodlands, and a Thai princess gets whatever she wants ok. The journey just seemed so short cos we couldn't stop talking. There was just too much to catch up on.

We alighted at Woodlands and decided to have a meal at Starbucks cos we were famished and Sheela came a little later to meet us. We took a cab back to my place (she's staying at my place) afterwards cos Pan's luggage is super big and heavy. We settled down at my place and went back to CWP again to catch Godzilla and yeah that's about it. We spent the day just talking and chilling. We slept late at night and woke up early morning everyday. I have never been more sleep deprived.


Woke up pretty early the next day to head to town. We were too early for GSS unfortunately but we still managed to get a few stuff. We spent like 300$ at Sephora?! Yang came over to look for us and we had Four Fingers for erm early dinner I think and we chatted so much and we are all still so retarded. And in Sephora, Yang wouldn't stop saying like "Wa Pei you draw eyebrows already leh you grow up already." It makes me feel so…old HAHA and thinking back to Sec School days, Yang was the little boy we threw coins at to help us buy packet drinks from the drinks stall HAHAHA oh god good times.


Later that night we met up with W2F8 for supper before meeting Marz to head to RWS to stay at Amara Resort with Nessie. Since we were staying at RWS, Pan and I decided to just head to USS the next day from there!  


We changed into our bikini to swim in the middle of the night. We had to climb over the fence cos the pool was already closed but while climbing halfway a few hotel staff came up so we just tried our luck to ask if we could swim and they just let us? HAHAHA, we swam for a while, chatted, and got out of the pool cos it was too fucking cold. I brought along the JD Honey I got Pan to buy from Duty Free. After the swim, Pan and I had a heart to heart talk while soaking in the bath tub naked HAHA. Best friends shower together ok. We chatted for so fucking long I wished the conversation never ended…damn

And if anyone were to ask me about my favourite memory with my bestfriend, it would be our bathtub conversations. And the next would be having both my bestfriend and boyfriend by my side cos they're my best of both worlds.



We wanted a third person to come along to help us take pictures but whatever, we were kind of glad it was just the both of us so we can talk about anything we want and also all the rides are for even number of people so two of us were perfect. 

Both of us get so fucking excited at the sight of a mascot and went screaming and running towards them HAHAHA beating all the little kids who were queueing behind us for a photo. Ernie made us the happiest by making us hop with him to and fro three times! HAHAHA love the series of candid photos taken!

I felt so happy to be in USS it makes me feel so young again. Pan and I sometimes just lock our fingers and hop down the street acting like little kids. Of course also inviting a lot of stares cos we were really pretty fucking childish. Oh and our favourite ride of all time was the Transformers Ride! I got so involved in the whole scene that I threw my map at the bad guy in hopes of saving Optimus Prime. HAHAHA, and both Pan and I actually replied when they asked questions (both times cos we took the ride twice). HAHAHAH I love how spontaneous and retarded Pan and I are. Mummy ride was nice too but too troublesome to have to keep our stuffs in the locker!

USS closes too early, but then again, all the stores in SG closes too fucking early lah. We took the train back to Woodlands to meet Kianshen and Minghwee for lunch. Later that night, we rushed home and got ready to head to Zouk to party!!! It was fun, but I was too damn tired. I was exhausted man I could barely walk, so we went home after awhile. 


My Mom loves Pan more than she loves me HAHA my Mom can speak Thai so they could be bad-mouthing about me and I wouldn't even know. Now I'm jealous of my Mom cos she can have a secret convo with my bestfriend in secret language and I can't.


Woke up late noon and headed to Town again for another round of shopping! I can't really remember most of what happened but later that night we met up with Marz and head over to CQ to catch David Choi's live performance. Then we went over to Arab Street for Shisha! HAHA we were trying lots of tricks with the smoke and I've finally mastered how to do the "o" thing after so long omg HAHA and Pan and I were not making out in the photo we were just trying to pass the smoke through mouth and see how many times it can be passed around. 


Jon booked out on Friday! Pan and I decided to go all the way to Pasir Ris to fetch him, and guess what. We quarreled when we woke up cos neither one of us wanna go take a shower first HAHAHA. We both wanted to laze in bed a little longer, so there you go, the last quarrel we had. It was Jon's first official book out and it was nice and comforting to see him in his uniform. Oh and also, Jon was like fucking camouflaged in Pasir Ris cos all the army boys look the same omg HAHAHA it's scary ok it's not even funny. I almost went to hug the wrong guy a few times lol.

We went over to Jon's house to chill for awhile before heading out for prawning. Pan and I napped for a few hours, because as I said before, we were really sleep-deprived for the entire week. 

It was one of the worst prawning sessions ever! We prawned for 1.5hours and only caught one pathetic prawn so we decided to just stop and head back home. Fortunately, someone gave us their catches again! So all three of us had enough prawns to eat for supper haha. 


I had work during the weekends so Pan could spend her time with her WBA and other friends which I'm not that close with. Pan came over to my bar on Sunday so we could go home together after my work ends. We went to NTUC to grab some snacks and Loving You started playing in the supermarket. Xinlerk Pan and I agreed to scream at the part after du du du du du, and it was so fucking funny omg I still think about it each time the song comes to my mind and when I step foot into NTUC HAHAHAHAHA. It was past midnight so we had the supermarket all to ourselves, hence all the silly things we did

Pan and I headed home, and since she was leaving the next day in the morning, we decided to not sleep  (and worsen our sleep deprivation even further) and head over to Amirul's chalet at Home Team Sembawang. We spent the whole night playing fucking Murderer??? HAHAHHA I had no idea how the hours past by so fast. Pan and I took a cab back home before dawn so she could pack her luggage. 

My parents drove us to the airport and I unknowingly slept throughout the car ride and only woke up when she was really, really leaving. My eyes were super dry and perhaps it was a good thing cos it prevented me from crying when Pan left. I had an amazing week with her and though I kept wishing she stayed longer, I know time with her will never be enough. 

Till we meet again, best friend :)

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