Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I should be all over the butterflies but I'm still into you.


Feels like it's just been a blink of an eye and we're already 5 months into 2013. Oh what am I saying, I just did my 2013 new year resolution a month or two back. HAHA, this is a totally random decision to blog to update you guys on the people I've been spending a lot of my time with. I've grown to accept that people come and go. Someone once told me that people leave not entirely because they wish to, but simply because their role in your life is over. I wouldn't say I've completely moved on or let go, but I can safely say I'm no longer hung up in the past. I gotta admit I still cry,and get upset when I think about those times, I mean who doesn't? And by those times, I needn't explain or elaborate more. If you get it, you've been through it and you felt it. If you don't, haha just keep reading.

Vivian Joey
Tessa Queenie Me
In the minibus on our way to competition
Caught the movie Judgment Day at Westmall and got a comfy seat as part of the Elite Club!
With Vivian and Joey at AJ Idol finals in the Auditorium.
 I've officially come to the end of my Volleyball journey. It's been an enjoyable 10 years playing this sport, filled with ups and downs. I would be lying to say I'm not disappointed or upset, because I truly am. For the past 10 years, I have never won any honorable prize that I'm proud of. No top, second nor third. But in the end it wasn't all the prizes won or achievements made that matters. I feel that what truly matters was the moments we all shared as a team and the strong bond of friendship we created. In the end, we all learn to realize that there are things that are more treasurable than winning.

Btw if anyone is asking what sport I'm gonna join in University and all, I honestly have no freaking idea.

Weishuen Me Bathilda Christine Charlene
I honestly couldn't ask for more than having these girls around me. After I met them, I realized I've really been living in my own world for my entire JC1 life. HAHA these girls bring out the craziness in me, fill me in with gossips as well as latest news about the college. They flipped my life right side up. :)


I was too elated to learn that Wednesday is a public holiday cos it's Labour Day on 1st May! Here's how I spent my last day of April HAHA

Me Jemima Lejie
Went to CCAB to catch the AJVB Boys team intensive match against HCI in the semifinals.

That's just me too happy to have icecream.
Oh look it's me again HAHA
Me Jon Pai 
Now that I've known them, I can't picture college life without them.

Mom was always complaining that I prioritize friends over family. I do feel kinda guilty sometimes because part of me agrees with her. But then again, I wouldn't trade anything else in the world for my sisters. Having my bestfriend so far away from me, I know the next person who would readily give me a comforting hug has got to be my sisters. I wouldn't say they exactly know me best, but they're the easiest people to talk to 24/7.

Left house with little sis today but went separate ways to meet our own group of friends at cwp. I finally met up with Rasyidah Zena Farhan Max Dillon Raziq and Shafiq after what seems like ages!!! Caught Iron Man 3 and had HTHT at macs.

I get upset when people say mean things to a heartbroken person, or feel annoyed. You don't know how it feels like to be heartbroken, crumbling and lost. You may have had your heartbroken before but that's you. If you got over it easily, that's you, NOT US. Not everyone is as mighty as you, as strong as you, as capable as you, to move on, let go, snap of your fingers and tadah a brand new start, flip over a new leaf like a blink of an eye. People like us, or ME, spend days weeks and months thinking about how what why it ended. We spend hours everyday crying and regretting the things we've done. Even if we did nothing wrong, we regret anyway. It may seem like the movies and overdramatic, but we vulnerable, or so you call it, people cry ourselves to sleep for at least the first 10 days. Then become totally numb, and THOUGHT that you're fine, but few days later BAWL like a fucking baby thinking about GOOD times. Yes bad times make us cry and sob, but good times make us fucking bawl. So if you got frustrated over a heartbroken friend, you clearly have no idea how it feels like. But you know you will always have that brokenhearted friend to run to when you get your turn because they know how you feel and they won't let you cry alone. 

I cried alone.

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