Sunday, May 12, 2013

I was born to do this


Yes yes yes guys, I'm officially legal and that means the world to me! 

I know how many people upon turning 18 felt like there's no big difference, that they still feel the same and sucks that they're a year older and blah blah blah, but I am still so excited that I'm 18 years old! There's like a whole new world out there for me to explore and I honestly cannot wait HAHA. Ok this sounds really weird right now because I've already been clubbing and shit, doing things that 18 year olds do before I was even legal. But it's just a different feeling now that I'm doing them legally, using MY own IC HAHAH. I remembered I said before I wanna be 17 forever, and somehow I still feel that way because look, now I can't break rules anymore. Thankfully, I'm gonna look back in time with no regrets that I haven't lived my life fully before turning legal because I've felt the thrill of being a bad child HAHAHHAHAHAH. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean you have to break rules to live your life, the most important thing is you're happy. Life is too short to be be sad and discontented. If you know something is missing out in your life, you gotta fill that empty void quick because time continues ticking and you continue to age, and life just doesn't stop for anybody. 

From Friday to Sunday, it has been the happiest few days of my life and I felt an incredible need to blog every single details down so I can remember them forever. Yes I've been through tough times that crushed me, but these 3 days, the people who spent them with me made me realize that I can be happy again. I can't remember the last time my smile lasted more than a day. So here goes...

The crew responsible for my morning shower
Tessa Vivian Joey Me Weisze Queenie

Red Velvet cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes!

Look at me all drenched from head to toe!!

Supposedly my birthday gift from the team 

So my teammates arranged for me to meet them early in the morning before assembly to celebrate my birthday. They made me walk a long way from the school canteen to the netball court and BOOOOOOOOM. Before I know it I was being attacked by waterbombs and water guns and I felt soooo helpless because all I could do was run for my fucking life to avoid getting wet HAHAHA. Gotta say I've never felt so happy running away from a bunch of crazy girls chasing after me with bombs and guns. HAHAH I felt really really blessed and eventhough I had to go through lessons in school with wet hair shirt bra shorts skirt socks and shoes, it was worth it. Thank you girls so so much for remembering my birthday and celebrating it for me. I got a big heavy box from them which they claimed was everything I wanted, and something I'd love alot. They made me carry it all around school and only allowed me to open it at the end of the day. OMG GUESS WHAT GUYS GUESS WHAT'S INSIDE THE BOX OMGGGGGG. HAHAHA, it's a 4kg seedless watermelon oh god can you imagine my expression when I found out I swear I went crazy I'm going crazy thinking about it now I can't even find the full stop punctuation HAHAHA. (<<< jk there I found it) But still I appreciate that they did enough observations and realized I've always been complaining about how much I love watermelons but how much I hate watermelons with seeds HAHA. They also got me a Charles & Keith clutch in shocking pink that I later brought out that night. THANK YOU GIRLS I FEEL SO LOVED!!!
Christine Me Weishuen Charlene
These girls planned to surprise me with the cake and got the class to sing a birthday song for me!!! HAHA I have no idea why I didn't expect them to smash the cream of the cake onto my face when firstly they refused to finish the whole pile of cream and secondly we do that during every birthday celebration. I swear I was caught off guard and hence my horrible face. HAHAH but still, thank you girls!! They got me a similar water bottle to the one I previously had (but lost it) in red omg I swear I love it soooo much!!! It's my fave waterbottle and they got it in my fave colour!!! They also got cute socks for me because I'm always wearing silly patterned socks to school, complaining that I don't have enough socks HAHHAA. I love them to bits. I can't imagine JC2 life without them. 

really really sweet msg from Jon
My make up before leaving house
My outfit of the night
Eating at Kenny Rogers @ 313

Janella and I
She is freaking gorgeous!!!

If you're wondering why we're friends, here's why: we all look cute with our cheeks like that.
Jon and Pai
Jon and Jan
 I regretted photobombing I look like shit and I spoiled the photo HAHAHA fuck

Jan and I
Jon and I
Pai and I
Jas Xiaojun Kelly Me Yuping Chaoxin
I went clubbing at Avalon/Spider Room with all these people on Friday night. Missing out photos with Jon (Chou, ugh there are two Jons that night and hmm just try to figure it out yourself ok HAHA), his gf, Tristan and Eunice. I was knocked out before I had the chance to take one with them, damn. Quite pleased with myself that I managed to get guestlist for almost all of them, ok I got it for all the girls and 3 guys how about that HAHAH. The others missed the guest list timing so too bad they had to buy the tix. 

My friends treated me like a princess that night I had free food drinks and transport everywhere I go. I love them so much I love feeling like a princess I'm just missing a crown but who says you can only be princess when you have a crown HAHAH. Hopped around from Spider Room to Avalon a few times but sad to say the music that day weren't as good as the previous time I went. But it was alright and still very enjoyable. DID I MENTION I DANCED TILL MY HEELS BROKE HAHAHA, thank god my heels only costed 5 bucks but it was the only pair of heels I own, and you know what that means hehehehe. It's time for me to shop!!! 

Slept over till 2pm the next day cos none of us were sober enough to name our address HAHAHA yes it's that bad. And did I mention they almost made me drink 18 shots, but I died at the 4th cup of jack daniels with mixers. YES FML WHY AM I SO WEAK. HAHAHAH but nevertheless I had loads of fun and thank you to both Jons who took care of me Janella Pai and the rest. Honestly I can't recall dancing much HAHAHAHA omg. 

Went home for a short 1hour and met up with Rasyidah Zena Dillon Farhan Xiaojun Shafiq Raziq Max at Zena's house. I was told to cover my eyes and walk through the front door and sit on a chair. And when I finally opened, they sang a birthday song for me and right there in front there was a wide array of cupcakes!!! Omg they looked sooooo cute and pretty!!! Then they surprised me with a video they made, I WAS SO TOUCHED I CRIED... Thank you guys. I'm sorry I shut you guys out when I was having a bad time. In fact, I shut everyone out. It was a terrible mistake. All I did was chase after the people walking away from me, I forgot I'm leaving the ones who loved me behind. 




"I piggy back you"

HAHA I made that up

"Eh you touch I no more pacs sia"
We had our usual campbell mushroom soup with pizza flavoured bread and fried chicken fries and chips. They also gave me a helium balloon. I swear I was touched beyond words I just felt incredibly loved that day!!! I love all my friends and thank you for loving me I love you all so much. I can still remember vividly the birthday smash you guys planned for me way back in Sec Two where I had cake and Hershey's chocolate syrup everywhere in my hair and I had to shower with Xiaojun at Runfa's house. And we wore Runfa's bball shirts and shorts HAHAHA, omg those times. HAHA left Zena's house with Xiaojun when The Uninvited started playing on the TV cos Xiaojun is a chicken and she is scared! HAHA had my fave usual Vanilla cone at macs while waiting for Yuyang to come and pass me my birthday gift. I chatted soooo much with Xiaojun. I honestly miss her. And yes we may not be as close as before, but I take your word for it, and I'd do the same for you. "天塌下来我都帮你扛" - I'll catch you when the sky falls. You're like my long lost sister, and I promise you'll never lose me as a friend. I promise. 


Yay finally met Yang and he passed me my birthday gift! He got me a Topshop gift card and macarons from TWG and most importantly promised me a kopi date to have a catch up session with me. Yessss brother get girlfriend already also cannot forget about me ok. HAHAHA. Did I mention before that Yang wants me to dress in a suit on his wedding day and be one of his bestmen. HAHAHA, yes! AND I PROMISED HAHA. You better last forever with your girlfriend. Looking forward to your wedding day (abit early but haha who cares). And oh oh, finally finally finally I got a hug from Yang. In fact it was like 3 hugs. HAHA, yes being friends for so long Yang never liked to hug anyone, he finds it awkward. Guess having a girlfriend did change you a little, thankfully a good change. HAHAHA.

So I had a nice long walk with Xiaojun home. And within seconds after I reached home, I got a call from Chaoxin to open the door and there she stands with my birthday gift! HAHA, she was in cahoots with my younger sis and was waiting for me to reach home and personally pass me the gift. Thank you sooooo much. I got a Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Kit, as well as Sephora Smoky Studio Set from Chaoxin, Xiaojun, Jas, Yuping, Eunice, Kelly and Jon. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Chaoxin got the sephora smoky studio set for me because the last time I went shopping with her, I saw this and I went like "WAH WAH WAH" at all the amazing colours HAHAHA. And you bet, I had the exact same reaction looking at it the second time as well, maybe even more exaggerated because it's now mine!!!! HAHAHA, I love it soooo much!!! Thank you all!!!

I'm really glad this turned out to be an incredibly long post because that just means I have too many things to share! Thank you to all those people who made me the happiest girl on earth on my birthday! OH WAIT WHAT, I mean the happiest PRINCESS on earth. HAHAHA. Thank you to the people who sent me really sweet notes, text messages, on Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp Facebook and all. Thank you so much. My phone kept ringing and all the notifications excite me! It kept me busy all day I had no time to stop smiling HAHAHA. THANK YOU SO MUCH. OK I CAN NEVER SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH. But I'm so happy I feel like crying. It's my best birthday yet. Thank you for making my 18th birthday so special. I love y'all. And can someone create more synonyms of "Thank You" HAHAHA. 

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful woman on earth. I love you for all the love care and concern you shower upon us every single day. I love you for all the freedom you gave us because you know the pain of having no freedom when you were young. I love how crazy you are when you're happy and I love how you scold funny stuffs when you're angry and end up making all of us laugh. I love how you're the happy pill in the family, and well you gave birth to a little happy pill which is my little bro now. I love how all my friends are jealous of my mom HAHAHA. I love you Mommy!

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