Thursday, November 29, 2012

If it's worth the risk, then take the fall.

Her shoulders never shook. No tears streamed down her face. The worst type of crying wasn't the kind everyone could see - the wailing on street corners, the tearing at clothes. No, the worst kind happened when your soul wept and no matter what you did, there was no way to comfort it. A section withered and became a scar on the part of your soul that survived. 

Anyway I decided to do up a blog post before I leave for Korea cos I'll prolly be too busy to blog tomorrow, and I might have too many things to update by the time I return. Apparently people decide to meet me only when I'm leaving, chh. Hahaha. 

Last Wednesday, my Mom and Lil bro went back to Malaysia kampung. As much as I wanna go back, I couldn't cos I was leaving for Korea in two weeks' time. I still haven't felt the difference there without my Grandmother's presence. Still, I believe she's in a better place now.

Cute lil bro!

I worked as a Canon Printer promoter at the Sitex show from Thursday to Sunday with Maria and Yuyang. Apparently Yang got away with promoting and was offered a better job with higher pay. All he had to do was on the computer, play music, record sales, and off computer. Most importantly, he gets to sit down throughout. There were 5 booths in the Sitex show, cos the show was so big it occupied 3 Halls. & Marz and I were posted to the most competitive booth where all the promoters there were fucked up. Maria and I were considered newbies cos we only learnt about the canon printers details last week, and only had a week of experience in promoting printers, while the other two promoters in our booths are damn experienced. That china guy seemed nice at the start, he said he'd help if we can't handle some customers. And you know what happens when you do that? He takes your sale. One customer of mine even asked him "shouldn't the commission go to her instead?" and the china guy rebutted "but uncle, I provided the service.", but I was the one who convinced him to buy, all he did was give several extra info about the product. Maria and I tolerated his shit for 4 days, and we swore to scold him at the end of the Sitex show, but he was nowhere to be seen. That ass scrams real fast. That china guy even made Marz and I gang up against the other promoter in our booth so we could get more sales than her, but his ultimate motive was to be the one with the most sales. On the last day (Sunday), he sold 25 printers while Marz and I sold 10 only. See how good he is? *spits like an ahbeng*

On the other hand, I made quite a number of friends there. Hahaha, not to forget I managed to grab some really good deals on the last day of the show. Bought a red macbook keyboard skin for only $5, 2 BB Bold 9900 casing for $4 each, and macbook laptop sleeve for $6.

Marz and I in our Canon uniform.

On one of the days, Shuiyuan and Jiawei came over to look for Zhonghao, and we all went home together. Hahaha, enjoyable journey back home that made Marz and I forgot about how tired we were and how much we are dying to sit down.

On Monday, class 30/12 had our Service Learning Project at AMKFSC (Cheng San Branch), BLK 445. We were supposed to meet 8am at AMK MRT Station, but I couldn't get out of bed. I was seriously deprived from sleep after working for 4 days consecutively. I only woke up at 11.30am and rushed out of house at 12pm. Thank god Ms Tan wasn't there and I was still able to take my attendance eventhough I only participated for 2 hours, in which one hour was their lunch break... But I did participated!!! And I love kids so much, I got so angry when someone shouted at the kids. It shows what kind of person you are. You DON'T shout at kids, it's just wrong. There are so many other ways to get them to follow your instructions, one doesn't have to resort to instilling fear all the time. And while you were making the kids scared of you, you're making the rest of us hate you even more than we already do. -.- Wrong move honey.

Had so much fun with this little girl called Vivi. They were supposed to dance when the song was playing and freeze when the music stops. So I made her raise her hands while dancing so she had to hold her hands up when she froze. HAHAH, I made some of them stand in awkward positions too. HAHAHA it was so much fun. As much as I love kids, and I try not to be biased, I still get a little freaked out by the two autistic kids. So I rather avoid them than be at a loss of how to handle or face them. 

We took several photos there but apparently we weren't allowed to post them, which I don't get why. But nevermind.

Met up with Maria on Tuesday late afternoon cos she wanna catch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I was never a fan of Twilight. I didn't watch New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1, but Marz managed to explain to me briefly what happened in each of them. And surprisingly, I thought the movie was great! I actually enjoyed it HAHA. And we had such an adventurous night after the movie cos she left her Breaking Dawn cup in the cinema so we had to go back to Shaw House, but it was already closed! Too many funny moments I won't be able to describe it well enough here, but just know that we both had a crazy ass time laughing till our sides hurt. And trademark about Marz Sheela Pan and I (the girls), we laugh fucking loudly during movies. So loud that people NEVER fail to stare at us but we really don't care. And we laugh damn long. HAHAHA, aww I miss Pan. 

Marzie and her fried mars balls.

Our ootd

Had friendly matches on Wednesday. ok I don't really like to elaborate much about trainings. HAHA so today, I accompanied Yang to Bugis to buy his birthday gift for some girl and to get my Caramel Frapp. HAHA, we talked about some really coincidental stuffs. And as usual, I was listening to all his alien songs on iPod. I don't know 99% of the songs in there. LOL went over to cwp Marbleslab to find Sheela Maria, Shivani (their friend) was there too. 

These few days, Marz and I are desperately trying to catch up with The Vampire Diaries series but I'm still stuck at Season 2 Ep 5. Hahaha, and when the hell is Pretty Little Liars breaking away from the hiatus status? Ugh. 

Recently I found myself reblogging really depressing and sad posts on tumblr, posts that I don't normally reblog. I'm afraid I'm easily influenced by the people around me. I need to be around happy people. I don't want to be so easily affected by the mood of other people around me.

And I'm in a fucking dilemma right now because I don't know if I should turn up tomorrow. What will I do? What will you do? My friends are telling me I shouldn't, so I don't have to fret about how to react. But I'm dying to see you, anyone knows that. And nobody has a clue what is on your mind, and how you're feeling. Even if someone does, it's no longer me. I'm dying right here, so will someone save me...please?

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