Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is far from over, you haven't seen the last of me.

So we finally got the photos taken on my grandparents' 80th big birthday! Sadly, Grandma didn't get to see it... :(

All these decorations and arrangements are done by the grandchildrens, which is us! HAHA, I know you guys might be thinking that this place looked really...erm old for a grand celebration. But I'm here to remind you that this place is Pengkalan Hulu and is a really small village. I mean it when I say it's a kampung place! This is the place where weddings, dinners, and grand celebrations are held. Ok maybe I should quote the grand. HAHAHA. And yep, no aircon. But it gets pretty chilly at night so it's quite okay. 

A day before the actual thing, all the grandchildrens were busy packing buns and I packed like 800 of them? My fingers bled after that, but it felt really good to be able to say I packed almost all of them. HAHA

A really beautiful shot of my third uncle's wife. I call her Ah Ooi auntie. She's a Thai! She's the one who brought us to thailand to eat fucking spicy food but claimed that it's not even chilly. LOL, I think she's really pretty (c'mon she had 4 kids) and cool HAHA.

Both are my cousin's daughter. Forgot whose the one on the left, LOL too many kids I can't remember what their name is. But that cute girl on the right is Yao Yao! She's so cuuuute, she love taking pictures and she eats EVERYTHING. HAHAHA, too cute. And she likes me too hehehe. She kept sticking to me and calls me Pei Pei Yi Yi. It means Pei Pei Auntie. And that also means she has to call my bro (who is younger than her) Uncle. HAHAHA

My Second Uncle's wife's grandson! She's a young grandmother! Anyway this little boy's name is Xiang Xiang too! HAHA, he's really cute. He's learning how to walk and he doesn't cry much! Love babies like that.

This is the cake for the birthday celebration. Really beautiful and tastes really good too! HAHA, many people are wondering how we managed to carry this cake in a car all the way from Penang to Pengkalan Hulu. We'll keep that a secret alright. HAHAHA

The coolest and funnest table! HAHAHA, so this are all my cousins!

Father with my Third Uncle's son, Ah zhuzhu. LOL and First Auntie's daughter, Kah Wei
Me, Father, Xintien and Xinlerk! And err fat cousin Xinyi HAHAHA

Opps, we crouched too low in the middle. I realised girls have the tendency to bend very low when taking pictures! Not sure why either but we just always do that subconsciously! 
So from left:
Kahwei, Lili, Xinyi, Menmen, Ah Hong Jie, Ah Guan Jie, Me, Xintien, Xinlerk, Ah Hou, Ah Zhu Zhu, Ah You, Ah Guang
Yao Yao and Ah Zhong.

Yeah we add an "Ah" in front of most people who are older than us. So actually I'm quite young there. LOL

Kisses for yeye!
Xiang Xiang and his young mother, Ah Guan
The kids table LOL

I love Yao Yao. And I love the fact that she always runs to me and refuses to let anyone else touch her except me hehehe

The whole family! A total of 48 of us! Excluding my two cousins in SG who didn't turn up.

We have 14 babies!

Popo and Yeye. <3

Cheers from the cool table hahahaha anyway I can't even drink beer for goodness sake..

Having loads of fun at the stage!

My whole family. Love this photo of us <3
Third Uncle's family. (Oh in case you're wondering, my mom is the third daughter of my popo and yeye)

Attention on cute yaoyao in the background HAHAHA

All the Uncle's wives! Yep popo and yeye have 5 sons.

Aww kisses from mommy to her father, which is my yeye LOL


Lil bro is too lucky to get this kiss from popo. Who knows, he might be the fortunate one to have take her last kiss away.

Little uncle and his family with popo and yeye.

Haha, meanwhile karaoke on the stage while Yaoyao is looking so adorably at them.

Little Aunt and her family with popo and yeye.


Love this photo! Look so candid!!!


Little Uncle and his little princess, Joleen.

Ryan and Joleen.

Probably the biggest family in our entire maternal side. My Second Uncle's family. All his daughters are married with kids already.

Little Uncle and his family, but not sure why my brother is inside. But good news, he looked pretty tall in there. HAHA

Hong Jie and her family.

My family and their only son HAHAHAHA


Xiang Xiang and his mom!

Little Aunt and her family.

Hi Gladis!

Yo Yixin. She needs to stop looking so sleepy.

HAHA the babies so cute.

Singing love story by Taylor Swift. LOL

My forth Uncle and his really really pretty wife. She have 3 kids and still look damn sexy and hot! I aspire to be just like her man.

Hahaha, my uncles are too cute!

Look she's really pretty and sexy!

Ok that's all the photos. There are videos of us too, but it's gonna be too long for me to upload them. Haha, I love my maternal family so much <3

Anyway, my sister went back to malaysia for popo's funeral and she said the services there was really bad. My popo died for days and they didn't even inject her, I think her body started to rot. Cos she began to nosebleed on the first day. Then on the second day, blood came out from her mouth. And on the third day, blood came out from her ears. They had to bury her soon because her eyeballs would pop. I didn't witness all these myself but it already pains me enough to hear all these.

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