Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Should have known better

This is the third night and forth day I'm spending in my childhood place. I've finally figured out the specific location of this deserted village, and that is Pengkalan Hulu in Malaysia. We are so much nearer to Betong, Thailand than Penang in Malaysia. Travelling to Penang from here takes approximately 2 hours, but travelling to Betong takes less than 20minutes! HAHA. Having so much fun here but the guilt of not studying is really getting to me right now.

Oh by the way! I'm not back in SG yet! HAHA, I'm at the Internet Cafe here, apparently owned by my cousin's friends and it's already past midnight. I can safely guarantee that the people here doesn't sleep by 12am, but no one walks on the street at this time. I mean, if you were here to witness how dark the alleys were, you'd know what I mean. Who knows what would happen to you... HAHA, yeah it's not exactly safe in this place.

It's been YEARS since I last came back. I was supposed to go back like 2 years ago but I had eye infection last minute! Air tix wasted. So now I finally came back and hardly anyone recognizes me. I wanna show off my two achievements on the first day of my arrival:
1. Grandma (popo) recognises me! Probably mere guessing and she have a probability of 
1/3. LOL
2. Cousin said I look nice with my new hair. YAYYYYY!

But other than these two, people either compared me with Xinlerk and said I look more like the elder sis or they couldn't make out whether I'm lerk, pei or tien. Oh oh, one thing they NEVER fail to comment on when I go back is always my height and how long my legs were. I know it's nothing amazing and I really don't have anything to flaunt if I'm in SG, but the people here are just not very tall and I prolly looked like a female giant to them. 

Something I really really love about this place is how they can find a nickname for EVERY single one of us. HAHAHA, I have a cousin called Chin Mun Yew and most of us just call him "Ah Yew" but the rest of the cousins called him "Ah Niao". DON'T EVEN BOTHER ASKING ME, I have noooo idea why! So me and my three sis got the most basic names that most friends call us by, that's "lerk" "pei" and "tien" except they like to add a "ah" in front. HAHAHA and we have lots of "Ah Mei" here, cos every little female cousins we have, and we don't know their name, we simply call them that. So now if we call that name in the house with everyone inside, about 5 girls would go "huh?" HAHAHA. And now we have 2 babies called "Ah Xiang"! HAHA, confusing much but I feel too damn loved in this small little hut.

The main purpose of this visit was cos of my Granddad's birthday. So 2 June was one of my cousin's birthday (Shin Yi), 3 June was my Granddad's Big Birthday and 4 June was my Mom's! HAHA, it's not anything amazing, our family is TOO big. 

Granddad and Grandma have 9 kids, 4 daughters and 5 sons. 
Eldest Uncle have erm, too many wives to even begin counting the number of kids. (ok skip)
Eldest Aunt have 3 daughters.
Second Uncle have 2 daughters and 1 son. First daughter have 3 kids and second daughter have 1 son.
Second Aunt have 1 daughter and 1 son.
Third Uncle have 3 sons and 1 daughter.
Third Aunt (My mom) have 3 daughters and 1 son.
Forth Uncle have 2 daughters and 3 sons.
Small Aunt have 2 daughter and 1 son.
Small Uncle have 2 daughter and 1 son.

HAHA, goddd I can't even count. But we took a family photo during the dinner meant for celebrating Granddad's birthday. I haven't got it yet, but I will upload it once I have it! Too interesting hahaha. 

So we're having supper every night outside. I wanna use "fat die me" but I'll sound so ahlian and uncool. HAHAHAHAHAHA. ok can. Really love all the motorcycle rides, especially the one I took from the city back to the village at past midnight. It was so chilly, but thank god it was made better by chatting with my cousin and he drove slowly too. I feel so free to say whatever I want there cos my cousins don't know any of my friends in SG HAHAHA, you get what I mean right? It's like I can mention any names and they can't start any rumours here also what. Wah the shiokness. But I didn't really talk much lah cos I'm used to mixing english with chinese when speaking. I really hope I won't develop the malaysian accent and bring it back to SG! I remembered wanting to say something about the North Pole, but I couldn't translate igloo from english to chinese, so I'm like "err forget it." so I shutup. HAHAH. I have one cousin who listens to english songs, and I feel much more comfortable talking to him and mixing english into my words occasionally cos I think only he can understand what I'm saying, apart from my sisters. And we just walk and sing some of the songs I really miss listening to in SG. 

Oh ya, and we didn't get to sleep in the first room that we always slept when we came here cos there's just TOO MANY people staying over. So I slept over at my cousin's place and I slept on the sofa in the living room with aircon! HAHA, most comfortable nights I ever had in this village cos aircon is like a rare thing you find here. One really lame thing I wanna mention is that my cousin's house have the WORST tasting toothpaste ever. It's super salty! Yes, a salty toothpaste! How disgusting. It's amazing that I still have the motivation to brush my teeth before sleeping. HAHA not that I usually don't, but dont't think my cousins brushed theirs... LOL

Right, I can't remember what we did yesterday too. I can only remember just now. We went over to Betong Thailand supposedly to sing K but we ended up doing body and foot massage. HAHAHA, and we ate Thai food. GODDD, the girls ended up with tears in their eyes and swollen lips. And to my auntie (she's a thai), she's like "that's not even chilli" LOOOOOOOOL, seriously. So below are some photos we took today. Other photos will be uploaded in another blog post I guess. But trust me, we took tons of photos at the dinner. So photos are definitely guaranteed! 

I look hideous in this two photos but it's the only photos I have right now so I guess it's better than nothing.
Xintien, Me (hate it when my whole face is not shown properly!!!), Ah Hou, Ah Yew, Shin Yi, Li Li, Hong Jie, Ah Guan, Xinlerk, Men Men.

All these are nicknames and taken along the street after we just bought our drinks at a roadside pushcart.
At a high top eating place. HAHA I have no idea how to describe this place but it's made entirely of wooden planks that is about to collapse and we have to eat at the second storey. I don't know how scary you're imagining it to be like, but I have good news... I survived :D

I didn't really eat much of the food but I feel daaamn bloated. Like really bloated I wanna die and I feel that vomiting out all the food would feel so much more comfortable. Seriously, it's that bloated. I never wanna feel that way again.

I honestly don't wanna end this post yet! HAHAHA, I have so many things to say about this place that holds so much memories. It's like after so many years of riding the motorbike, I still feel like a kid while riding it and it never ever fails to excite me (like an excited electron...omg biology). And it's like there are ALWAYS so many kids and babies there. We used to be the batch of kids and babies but now we're the grown ups. HAHAHA, too fast too furious. So they counted and we have 9 babies in the house currently but it feels like  there's twice the number. LOOOOL.

Oh yeah, while we were crossing the custom to Thailand today, one of my cousin didn't have a passport, but you know what? We managed to get her safely across the custom TWICE, once is to Thailand and second time was back home from Thailand. It was so thrilling and fun! We rode in two cars and in order for the personels to not suspect us, ALL of us had to squeeze in ONE car, while she ride in another one with herself and my auntie (driver). So 13 of us squeezed in one car meant only for 7 people. HAHAHA, the custom personels all laughed and we were like giggling. It's really torturing but fun and bonding at the same time. And we're not all skinny monkeys ok! We have some really obese people.. ooops. And it's feels like we can break the Guineas World Record, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.

Too much fun to be summarized in this small post.

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